Your main goal

In the past few weeks I have seen people who began with enthusiasm and lots of energy some endeavour, some project, or some dream they had for a long time and finally decided on taking the first steps.

And in the same way we drop our new year´s resolutions after facing some obstacles, they decided to abandon theirs too.

Some years ago, a friend of mine who was a fiction writer, after writing 5 books with not many sells to show in his pocket, he decided to quit.  He told me then that nobody was buying his books and he felt he was wasting his time by writing with no apparent results. Continue reading


Be proud

It is so important to motivate ourselves to carry on despite adversity.  Sometimes we tend to be in an emotional roller coaster. Our emotions seem to go up and down during the day and that drains our energy, making us feel tired and disappointed.

We tend to be very self-judgmental. We are very hard with ourselves and when we look at ourselves in the mirror, usually we don’t feel very proud of what we see.

Maybe we are waiting to reach a certain goal before we feel worthy of self-praise, and that is a really big problem. Continue reading