Do not cheat anymore

After listening to some friends talking about their bitter experiences in the relationship world, followed by a thousand complains about their significant other’s behaviour. I remained silent.

Men say women nowadays cheat the most and so say women about men, but if you analyse this, there is a deeper concern that is usually overlooked in these cases.

They say that if you do not love yourself, then you cannot love anybody else. So in the same note, if you cheat on yourself, therefore you are more likely to cheat on anybody else.

My friends (females and males) complain about the lack of interest showed by their partners. But on the other side, none of them is showing any interest on themselves either.  Continue reading


I was listening to the conversation of two boys who walked right in front of me. They were talking about how horrible getting up early is and how they hated having to walk to school every morning.

They were complaining how hard to leave their bed was and then walk for a long while in a cold morning. Continue reading

Creating good

Watching or reading the news lately has become a difficult task for the content is worst every time.  I was asking some friends who work in big news agencies if the world is getting more aggressive or the news are focusing more on the bad notes and I was not very surprised to know that the answer is the second option.

“The world has always had bad news, tragedies, wars, accidents and so on.  But nowadays the new technologies and social networks are helping to carry the news faster around the planet and they have even forced the media to focus their attention into the most sensationalist notes. Red note is what sells the most. Continue reading

Belittling your suffering

I was feeling a little down for things didn’t go the way I was expecting them, I was failing to search for the lesson I needed to learn this time and maybe, just maybe looking for some sympathy and “understanding” (yes, receiving some pats on the back).

But instead of that, she began laughing at my problems. She began telling me about all her family and economic problems that of course “were many times worst” than mine.  Or at least that is what she thought. Continue reading

You made the damage

He was complaining about the way the river had caused the flood and damaged the harvests, how that “damn river” had made disappear his work of many years and “now with this damn legs I cannot move the way I need to go and buy my groceries”. And he kept cursing about many other things like the government, the global warming among other things.

While I drank my tea, I could listen his companions complaining as well about many different situations and aspects that were affecting them and all of us too. Continue reading