My truth

Reading an article about religions in the world nowadays, I arrived to the conclusion that we are reaching the point where we will have our own personal philosophy and in the end we will leave rituals and rules behind.

Sorry to talk about this, if you know me, you know I don´t like to talk about religion, sports, politics, etc. But this time I just want to rant a little about the problem of intolerance.

We can see in the media all the problems that the lack of respect for the beliefs of others are causing. Continue reading


Blind spots

I have seen so many different techniques to avoid “blind spots” in cars that I think they could gather all the information and write a whole Encyclopaedia on the subject.

A blind spot is defined as an area around a vehicle that cannot be observed by the driver while operating it.  Those blind spots are the cause of many appalling accidents every year around the world. Continue reading


Travelling means different things for every person. I remember I got very excited when I was a child as holydays approached. I knew we were going to travel somewhere.

Some holidays, we went to visit family and after a while that became a little boring because every occasion we were doing the same things with the same people and going to the same places.  Fortunately my mother decided we needed to see new places and began taking guided tours to different places everywhere. Continue reading

You are being limited

I was listening to the different complains of a group of people about the way governments around the world are limiting our freedom. How castrating and humiliating some laws could be for our well being.

One of the complainers was an acquaintance who lives in a very expensive part of the city and she was complaining about the abuse some immigrants have to face when they reach the borderline and they are treated like criminals and are returned back to their country.  She is the first to hire those people, pay them a miser salary and treat them almost like slaves. Continue reading


You would be surprised to know of all the things you give permission to harm you.

From old ideas and concepts to the food and medicines you willingly take each day.

It is true that we do something about it until we face the terrible consequences of our choices, but I guess it is human nature. We have all, at some point in our life, been in that situation. Continue reading

The difference

The little child walked every day the muddy road to go to school and back home.  The people of his village, have been complaining about the mud for a long time since it was very slippery and dangerous to walk, especially for elderly people.

The little boy liked to walk on the mud and feel its cold texture refreshing his feet.  He took his shoes off and walked all that road in bare feet so he could experience the cold mud filling his whole body with a special energy only he could feel. Continue reading


They were asking me for my opinion on some artwork pieces they were choosing from, for an incoming exhibition.  As I am not an expert or critic of art, I remained silent most of the time, watching how every time someone spoke out their opinion on a painting or sculpture someone else revoke the concept giving their own and very different opinion about it.

It seemed like a strange contest where everybody was trying to “debunk” the other, it turned out very funny and at the end of the session we all laughed about it, since it made so evident the variety of our tastes and ideas about what art is and what that exposition should contain. Continue reading


Few years ago in New York some scientists made a very interesting experiment. They asked kindergarten children to describe the biggest number they could imagine. And since they didn’t have a lot of experience with numbers most of them said the biggest number was one hundred.

They couldn’t conceive a higher number than that. When they were asked how many grains of sand there were in a beach, they all answered: 100.  When they were asked how many stars there were in the universe, they all answered: 100. But in some way, inside their little minds they had a very important concept very clear. No matter what they were asked, they all understood that everything had a finite number. Continue reading

Quantum Thoughts

Many years ago, reading an old Tibetan document used to teach little Chelas (little boys from age 7 who study in Buddhist monasteries, the students of a Guru o Geshe) I was surprised to read that they believed, 5000 years ago, that our consciousness created our world.

Listening to a lecture at Chapman University on the last advancements in Quantum theory, I was listening to the same concepts but with different terms.

We are re-discovering knowledge that has long existed. “There is nothing new under the Sun” Ecclesiastes 1:9. Continue reading


I guess learning the virtue of patience is one of the most difficult ones for me.

I try all the time to be as tolerant as possible, but there are sometimes where finding the understanding to deal with certain attitudes is really very difficult. And I think that is the reason why I have to go through that inner battle constantly.

One of the big problems there is in our society today is generalisation. We tend to put a tag on people, races, countries, professions and so forth. And even science has fallen into that vice many times throughout history. Continue reading