Re-learning to be relaxed and calmed is one of the most fundamental, yet difficult thing to do nowadays.

If you live in a big city, all you have to do is to look around you and the sight of people everywhere makes you feel uneasy. Or you can watch the news every day, it has the same result.

Everybody is rushing and minding their own business. I have seen people passing by an elderly person who just fell, and they do not even stop to try to give him a hand. They do not even look at them anymore.

I do not want to start the: “In my time, people were more concerned and kinder…” monologue, but I am really impressed by the way society is heading nowadays.

No matter what country I visit, I am seeing a very radical change in people all over the world, and I cannot say I am very happy about that difference. Continue reading


Why is that happening again?

I thought I had finally left the bad habit of adding salt to my food without tasting it first.  I have slowed down my eating speed quite a lot and keeping my hands away from the salt shaker as much as possible, but I have caught myself adding salt more often, to food that does not really need it.

Yes, for some strange reason (maybe my body needs a little more sodium lately) My mind keeps bringing thoughts of salty food and, that constant desire for salt is pushing my hands to grab the salt shaker more often, maybe this is just a justification, but that is a habit I need to work on immediately before it causes a bigger damage.

Same with other bad habits, and fear as well. Fear is a bad habit when you allow it to be the master of your thoughts too frequently.

How would you expect to get rid of a bad thought if you keep entertaining it all the time? Continue reading

Then, Why not?

Every time I start a new adventure in my life, one of the main forces that help me to take the first step is, my own motivation, my intention to accomplish something specific. Without that powerful “force” I would abandon the journey at the first obstacle.

Sometimes the hardest part is to gather enough strength to start, to decide to take the first step. We begin questioning everything: Am I good enough? Is this worth doing? What if I fail? What if this isn’t good enough? What if the others laugh at me? Continue reading

The three gates

I have mentioned before examples of one of my favourite book, “the never ending story” by Michael Ende. I was thinking this morning about one part I really love of that book: the three gates.

In the movie there are only two gates but in the book there are three. The thing is that in order to get to the third gate, you need to cross the other two, you cannot walk around the other gates.

You can learn a lot by reading and watching both versions and get your own interpretation Continue reading


When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and liked what you saw?

I was joking yesterday with my daughter about a Japanese legend called “口裂け女kuchisake onna” (slit-mouthed woman) it’s about a woman wearing a surgical mask who appears to children and ask them: “Am I pretty?” If the child answered “no” she killed him with a pair of scissors she always carries with her, and if  the child  answered “yes” then she removed the mask and they could see that her mouth was slit from ear to ear and then she asked: “What about now?” If the child answers no, he/she will be cut in half. If the child answers yes, then she will slit his/her mouth like hers. Continue reading

You are the best!

Sometimes we look up at other people thinking their lives are really great and worth imitating.  We see just what they allow us, great houses, cars, expensive gadgets, etc.

We believe they have a wonderful life and we wish we could be as lucky as they are.

We see people we call achievers and read about their great success in business, sports, politics etc.  We would love to do things as good as they do.

We tend to idealise those people and really believe that we are very far from those overachievers.  We wouldn’t dream to compare with them and sometimes we even feel happy if we could do a quarter of what they can do.  And actually that is the real problem. Continue reading




“Being in despair means you have accepted beforehand, that nothing is going to work and that’s  exactly what you are going to manifest…”-H.Sampson


The dictionary defines despair as “the complete loss or absence of hope.”

It is really regrettably to see too many people who are nowadays loosing hope and sending off the energy that things will not work anymore.

They have lost their faith, and with that all they had.

When you have lost hope you feel lost, scared, lonely, sad and sometimes angry. Which is not bad because feeling angry moves your to action sometimes.

But now you can see that trying to do something from the feeling of despair won’t get you very far. Continue reading

The dangers of humility.

We have been taught since we were little that humility was very important since arrogance was a sin.  And yes there is nothing worse than being with an arrogant person and having to suffer a long  boastful conversation.

But to fall into any of the opposites is a terrible thing to do.

As I mentioned in the past article, we need to learn to shine and to acknowledge our inner Light. We need to remember, that we are an extension of that powerful force that created the universe and everything in it, you might call it God, Universe, Source, Energy, Big Bang or whatever you like, there is no difference. Continue reading