You define yourself

I remember one day when my daughter told me she was stupid.

I was very impressed by the way she said that. She was around 5 years old and after school she told me she was stupid in a very confident and serene voice. She was totally convinced that was a fact.

I asked her why she said that and, in the same tone, she answered: “My teacher told me I am stupid, my friends told me I am stupid, my cousins told me I am stupid therefore, I must be stupid”

“Did they tell you that today?” I asked.

“Yes, but they have told me that before, so I think they must be right” She answered with sadness. Continue reading


One of the most difficult things I have tried to get over with is that feeling of not doing enough to make this a better world for me and others.

Sometimes I feel so useless and powerless while trying to find a better way to do things. I wish there was an “app” in my mind to help me find the best and fastest way to accomplish those long awaited and unfulfilled dreams in my heart.

But I guess sometimes Life has a way to “help” you learn things faster and that is by giving you experiences where you can apply those things you have been reading and learning about through many different sources. But when times comes for you to “utilise” the tools you have received throughout your life, is when real “knowledge” comes.

It is really amusing to listen to those people who believe their “truth” is the only reality that exists.  And you can find examples everywhere and at all levels. From regular people to professors at prestigious universities throughout the world.

We all cling to our own particular “truth” and what others think Is just unfounded rubbish. Yes, I am sure you know many examples of this as well. Continue reading

The answer (Personal note to self)

And he was talking so convincingly, he looked so confident that the people around him believed every word he said. His gestures, his tone, his arguments were so strong and powerful nobody doubted his word.

If he said something it had to be the absolute truth, after all he had travelled the world, and studied for so many years. Continue reading

No need to convince anymore.

“…there is no longer need to convince people of anything, they have to try for themselves what works for them or not, you just be like a road sign with your example..” -Hector  Sampson


Sometimes is difficult to accept that every person has his/her own rhythm,his or her own speed.  And that rhythm is different for everyone.

We learn something, have an ah-ha moment, realise something after a long time, or just are visited by the muse and, in that very moment we want to run and evangelise everybody around us.

Then we feel disappointed because we don’t receive the response or reaction we expected from the people.  They just look at us shocked and open mouthed trying to figure out what is wrong with us.  Others just look at us and ask why we took such a long time to understand something so simple.  Others will just ignore us thinking we are going to start a sermon and they are just fed up with our preaching. And so the list goes on. Continue reading