The same?

I was waiting for the tube at a crowded station and I couldn’t help to overhear the conversation of two middle aged ladies happily chatting by my side.

One of them had gone to Spain for the summer and was amazed by some particularities of the language, she said something like this: “In Spain they give a gender to objects, for instance, they call a chair a ´she´, (she meant it is classified as feminine) and a shoe a ´he´ (masculine), that sounded so ´foreign´ She said with an amazed expression on her face.” Continue reading


Are we different?

I just received an email from a friend in Japan. She shares with me some of her hopes and fears and I was surprised to see how “similar” our dreams and problems were.

But why was I so surprised? I have been there and when I was in Japan, and actually after getting to know the people and customs there I was “accepted” in the community.  To me they were like anyone else and I think I was taken as one more in the bunch.

So where did I begin to think they could feel or experience life in a different way than I do?

Being now on the other side of the planet, when I hear about Japan is like listening from a different world.  But that is only an error in my perspective.

Distance is relative to the observer, just like time. Continue reading