Thinking creatively

(Originally published on: 4th April 2014)

“Be creative”, read the title of a book I saw passing by in a store.

I have heard that many times, -be creative, the solution to this or that problem is being more creative.  Everybody advices you to be more creative in every area but the problem is: How in God’s green earth can I be more creative? If when things get difficult my mind immediately gets foggy?

So after some research, that means asking questions to everyone who was distracted enough as to not seeing me coming and before they could fled away I shot my question, reading here and there and realising how unclear for most people this concept is, I finally found an answer who let me, at least for now, more at ease with this concept.

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The guilt of being free

If you feel like going out to take a walk, buy yourself an ice cream, go to the movies on your own or anything that means taking some time for yourself, or buying something for yourself, just for the pleasure of giving yourself a gift, how do you feel?

Usually we ask a lot from ourselves and if you suddenly feel like taking a walk in the park to clear your mind for a few minutes, instead of letting your mind enjoy the outdoors, your mind will keep asking you how could you be so irresponsible to do something like that in a moment when you should be working like crazy to earn more money to pay all the things you are supposed to cover this month, and so on. Continue reading