Recently I met with a friend of mine who is well known for his enthusiasm and total commitment to what he does.  He looked tired and a little gloomy.

After the typical exchange of salutations, I asked him what was wrong with him: “You look so different today, are you bored?” I said jokingly.

“Yes, I am bored of everything” he answered me sadly.

“What is wrong? You are not like that” I asked him a little worried.

“You know me, I always try to do my best with a smile in my face, I sometimes do for others what I don’t even do for myself.” He kept complaining.

“I have done my best for many people, but when I need them they turn their back to me, they have completely forgotten all what I have done for them in the past. These are upsetting times people just don’t care anymore, I feel lonelier than ever.”

I looked at him totally understanding his feelings, I believe we all have been there at some point. Continue reading