Blind spots

I have seen so many different techniques to avoid “blind spots” in cars that I think they could gather all the information and write a whole Encyclopaedia on the subject.

A blind spot is defined as an area around a vehicle that cannot be observed by the driver while operating it.  Those blind spots are the cause of many appalling accidents every year around the world. Continue reading



Usually when we talk about how compassionate we are, we refer to our acts towards other people. How we helped a homeless person or how we made donations to some charity to help prevent starvation in Africa or how we donate some books for some elderly homes.

But, what about the rest of our cohabitants in this planet?

We rarely see the animals, spiders, insects and plants as sentient beings.

I am happy to see that the new generations come with a different programming.  Most young people are not interested in hunting for example. Continue reading