Just breath

Action is what creates our reality in this universe.  We need start “doing” in order to create, exist and advance. Passiveness is one of the most dangerous things in the path to our enlightenment.  Nevertheless, remember that we live in a balanced reality and we cannot keep always on the same side of the balance, we need to keep moving from one side to the other without falling into either extreme. That is the dance with the Universe. Continue reading

The pain

The boy was around 6 years old, he was thin but looked very strong and enthusiast.  His classmates were older than him. This was one of the most famous dojos in Japan leaded by one of the most respected masters in the world. Matsutatsu (Mass) Oyama.

The students very respectfully waited for the Sensei’s (teacher) orders. He told the little boy to stand in the centre of the dojo and put his hand behind his back, then with a slight gesture commended to rest of the class to stand up in a line, each student stood in front of the little boy and began punching his abdomen with five fast fist blows. The little boy was stoically resisting but after receiving the punches of the fifth student, the little boy collapsed crying on the floor. Continue reading