That obstacle

I was in a hurry, I was walking faster than usual, and that means very fast because I always walk rapidly, when suddenly right after turning to the right on a corner, I found a huge tyre with a tree branch in the middle blocking the pavement.

Who had dared to leave that hindrance in the middle of the pavement??

“Someone might get hurt, didn´t you think of that when you left these things here?” I said in loud voice, in case the culprit was still around waiting to have a laugh when someone bumped into it.” But there was no one there.

I tried to move that big branch to clear the way, and when I began pulling it out I could see a big hole on the floor.  It looked like someone had fallen into it previously and then, in order to avoid someone else to fall again, they moved a big tyre and a tree branch to cover it and that way prevent more accidents.

I stood still there for a while. Continue reading

Move it!

Every feeling, every sensation, every emotion has a reason to exist. They are not just a caprice of nature.  They have a function as well.

One of them, I have observed very carefully, is fear and it has surprised me how important it is. This natural mechanism has been implanted in us to “force us to move ahead” nevertheless many times it block us and paralyse us, causing us double damage.

Some species of animals are paralysed by fear and are easily trapped by their predators. But the species which react to danger by moving faster are the ones that are more capable of surviving. Continue reading

The good fear

An urgent message might come in different shapes and forms. Probably sometimes they need to arrive under the disguise of a “strong” emotion in order to force us to give it the required attention and response.

So we can call that a “good fear”. Not because I am saying that fear is good. It is like Karma, it isn’t good or bad, it just is.

But as I have mentioned before, fear has its purpose and reason to exist. So although we are in a quest to “vanish” fear in our modern society. We need to change our goal here. We CANNOT vanish fear from our hearts, it comes with our inner programming and it helps us to keep us safe from danger. Continue reading

Moving on

We all have difficult experiences in our lives, since we need to grow so they are a necessary part of our life. And our attitude towards those experiences will define our advancement.

I am sure you have plenty of stories of your own about successfully passed tests and test you will have to repeat until you pass with flying colours. Continue reading

Metal wire

In a dream, I was walking really fast as if I was in a hurry to get somewhere, suddenly I saw a man whose feet got entangled in a metal wire and almost fell down but someway managed to escape, he angrily kicked the wire in my direction and the wired trapped my feet, but I did fell down, yes I could be that clumsy sometimes when I am awake too.

I stayed on the floor looking at the wire still wrapped around my feet and instead of getting angry and throwing it away to see another person being a new victim of the avenger wire, I thought it could be very useful if I keep it.  Then I woke up. Continue reading

Only in the movies

How many times have you seen a scene on a film or a TV series where the events appear so synchronised and exaggerated that at the end everybody around you exclaimed: “That only happens in the movies!”?

Of course the entertainment industry has learnt to use our emotions in many ways and we have all experienced what it feels to live a story on this side of the screen, we are so involved into the story that we forget everything around us for a while and we experience fear, anguish, hate, happiness and all the gamma of human emotions available. Continue reading

Use your fear wisely

Have you ever asked yourself how to know if you are doing something right? Well, I think this might interest you.

Fear serves as a danger indicator and there are different levels of fear.  When we are facing an imminent fear we can feel a VERY strong emotion inside of us that keep us from taking any action whatsoever.  This fear paralyse us completely and many times save us from a lethal end. Continue reading