Do not allow them

You wake up feeling wonderful, you had a good night and you feel happy and expectant about your day.

You are not feeling tired like other days and you know deep inside of you that this could be a wonderful day.

You wear your best coat and leave your home to conquer the world, you even see your street and the people walking around you under a different light. You are even smiling, but suddenly, a bus passing right in front of you splashes the water of a dirty puddle all over you, now your precious coat looks like rubbish and you just want to vanish into the centre of the earth.

You go back to your home and quickly fetch the fist garments you find in your closet.  Obviously, you get to your job late and, a furious boss asks you to present him the reports he has been asking you for since last week, just to find a ton of mistakes in them, so you are obliged to do them again. Continue reading



I was in a hurry walking as fast as I could, almost running and overtaking every pedestrian walking in front of me on the street.  I usually walk very fast, but this time I was in a hurry and needed to get to an appointment on time, I hate being late, I consider that a lack of respect for other people´s time.

It was the first time I was in that area of that city, so every street was completely new to me.

Suddenly I saw a street in front of me that looked like a good short-cut to take and save sometime. Immediately I felt relieved and saw it as my salvation! But on the other side, something inside my head told me not to take that route. Continue reading


They were asking me for my opinion on some artwork pieces they were choosing from, for an incoming exhibition.  As I am not an expert or critic of art, I remained silent most of the time, watching how every time someone spoke out their opinion on a painting or sculpture someone else revoke the concept giving their own and very different opinion about it.

It seemed like a strange contest where everybody was trying to “debunk” the other, it turned out very funny and at the end of the session we all laughed about it, since it made so evident the variety of our tastes and ideas about what art is and what that exposition should contain. Continue reading


We all have heard the expression: “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” And in a certain way that is what we do all the time.

You make thousands of decisions every day, what shoes will you use today? Are you going to drink coffee or tea? Will you take the bus or finally walk a little? Will you take this as a miracle or a regular event? Etc. Continue reading

You are still on time

We have acquired our bad habits on the way and we allowed them to stay with us, now they are a part of us and sometimes we don’t like to admit that we allow them to stay.

Maybe you once heard about the benefits of drinking red wine and the adopted the habit of drinking a cup or two of red wine every day.  Later thanks to the studies in the University of Baltimore, they found out that was a myth impulse by the wine industry and many people now are still using it as a good excuse to drink wine often.  Later some other investigators said it was not the resveratrol in the skin of the grapes and the chocolate, what was the miracle substance, but alcohol itself, extending the “benefits” of red wine to all alcoholic beverages. Then many drunkards were really happy to have their ideal pretext. (Search for red wine myth on the internet) Continue reading

Where to start?

One of the most difficult things to decide after you have taken the decision to make changes in your life is, where to begin?

We have finally decided that is time for us to make important changes in our life and, when we have gathered the strength necessary to do it, we stand up with a blank look in our eyes asking what the next step is. Continue reading

Spiritual fitness

Can you imagine to run 5 kilometres around your house, then go to the gym for 3 hours and after that doing 2 more hours or Pilates, just to decide, after all that hectic day, to stop training for a whole month?

You would consider that as a crazy decision, wouldn’t you? Who would decide to waste all that effort in such a silly way? Continue reading