The external

We constantly talk about our old negative ideas, beliefs and hidden concepts in our mind that keep us sunk in our depression and lack of success.

But we cannot forget that we are inhabitants of a physical universe and that there are external factors as well.

Yes, we create our reality with our feelings and thoughts. Yes, we are responsible for the things that we create and attract to our personal reality and yes, there are other people in this local reality creating and attracting their own things as well, so we are not alone and yes, we are attracting and creating those external factors as well.

Let´s imagine you are an enthusiast of motorcycles. Then you get one or more motorcycles and then attract other people who are passionate about them as well.  Then your “inner circle” could be formed by people who share your hobbies and passions. Continue reading

Just Love them

Everything in this life has two sides, whether we see them or not. But we tend to see, or to focus on just one side.

For instance, temperature: we can visualise it like a scale if you want, the cold on the left side and the hot side on the right to follow the Cartesian style.  – 100° is VERY cold then you keep going to the right:-90°, -50°, -10°, until you get to 0°. Then if you keep travelling the scale towards the right extreme, then you will see the positive numbers 20°, 70°, 100° and so forth, and the further you go the hottest it will be.

We can apply that “scale model” to almost everything in our life.  Love inclusive. Continue reading

Do not kill that feeling

I was in my teen years, so the way I felt and saw things was pretty intense. I was going through a difficult existential crisis and couldn’t control my depression.

I was feeling my world had ended and there was not a feasible solution ahead. Suddenly something happened and I had a strange experience, I was watching myself feeling and thinking negative absurd things. It wasn’t like an out-of-body experience, it was all inside my head, it was as if my brain was divided in two and one side was judging the other. Continue reading

Keep walking

I was reading the report of a new research about the benefits of walking, since is one of my favourite activities.  I enjoy taking long walks and I am a convinced defender of the benefits of long promenades. Continue reading

Body engineering

Our body is very well designed, every muscle, every cell has its own reason to be like it is. But we abuse it constantly.

We feed our body with too many chemicals that are now creating new illnesses and our body is trying to defend itself as much as it can.

But modern life is making this very difficult, everyday our body needs to fight harder and harder against many different aspects that are bombarding us from different angles. Continue reading

Quantum possibility

You are trying to find an exit, but darkness is all you get. You are doing the best you can with what you have and still, things don’t change and the pressure is every day higher.

You expect to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but at this moment you are afraid that could be the light of the train that is coming to run you over.

And the worst part is that the people around you, the ones who are supposed to cheer you up and support you, are the first ones to look down at you. Continue reading

Water repellent

The other day I was watching a demonstration of a water repellent that was very impressive.

They showed two wood surfaces, on one of them they applied the repellent and left the other untouched. They sprayed a good load of water on both surfaces and the one without the repellent was soaking wet but the other was completely dry.  You could see the water slipping down the surface leaving the wood totally dry, untouched by the water. Continue reading


Lately scientists have been trying to define what is making people sick so they can find new treatments to new illnesses.

Although we could find many solutions to those illnesses by changing our feeding habits and by taking some time to study the old medicine books (those before allopathy appeared) and following those old and now forgotten principles.

But with our “life system” nowadays, there are many researches that are trying to understand what is causing such levels of stress and depression that are taking the lives of many people every day. Continue reading