Procrastinating your well-being

“And when I have a new house, then I will be happy” this woman said to her companion in a loud voice as if she wanted the whole world to find out.

“Then I shall know that everything I have done was worth it, all the pain, all the hard work, my suffering.”  The lady who was sitting beside her looked at her in silence.

“Then I’ll be able to smile again and know everything will be alright. “she concluded in a triumphant tone.

The lady who was travelling with her asked her after a few seconds: “how long have you waited for that to happen?”

“Thirty years” the first lady answered. Continue reading

The truth?

“I just want to know the truth” I heard a by passer said with desperation. The person who was walking with him, softly answered:” But you already know the truth”. The first person acted surprised at first, but then he nodded accepting the comment and sadly looked away to the distance in silence.

Can we hide the truth so easily from ourselves? Are we really constantly avoiding to see it, even when it is “clearly “right in front of our eyes? Continue reading

Like a lost ant

Late at night sitting in my kitchen, I was watching a brown middle size ant trying to drink water from a plate in the sink. The rim of the plate was wet and slippery so the poor thing fell into the water and started to move like crazy trying to get back to safety, but the more she moved, the more she got away from the rim, so I could see she was condemned to drown in the middle of that plate.

I grabbed a napkin and gently took the ant back to the floor, but she,instead of feeling happy once she was back in the safety of the dry land, she turned even more desperate since now she was dry but lost.

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I am sure you know this quote by H.D. Thoreau:  Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder…

Well I have found that applies not only to happiness but to any other thing we desperately need.

It seems that desperation injects some chaotic kind of energy that disperses everything we try to eagerly grasp.

Have you noticed that the more we NEED something, the more it tends to get away from us?

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Wait a little longer, it’s about to come….

He had decided to try something new for a change. Things have been very difficult these last months and it seems they will get even worst, if that is possible.

Things were about to collapse completely on him and there was no apparent viable solution on sight.

The end lines were approaching and no sign of relief was appearing so, what he would have usually done is getting really nervous, mad, desperate and starting to break things around him. But usually doing those things brought him even worst problems, and he was really tired of receiving bad news every day. Continue reading