The dichotomy of silence


When you see someone suffering, and there is nothing you can do to help them out of their misery, most times you will try to comfort them with consoling words.

In those cases, the right words are difficult to find, and many times we end up saying the wrong ones even when our intention was good.

We have talked many times about the advantages and blessings of silence, how important it is to keep quiet when there is risk to hurt someone else.

But as everything else in this Life, there are always two sides for everything and falling in its extremes is extremely easy.

Too much of anything can do a lot of harm. Continue reading




There is lately a widely extended fear to be alone.

I know many people who actually prefer to be in a destructive relationship than being on their own.

This fear has grown so much in our society, that is now considered as a very serious illness known by many different names: monophobia, autophobia, Isola phobia, among others.

Although there are different levels in these phobias. Most people present one or more symptoms at the same time. Continue reading

A fearless life? No thanks.

I was reading about a method that guarantees a life without fear. Being fearless, although very romantic as it might sound, would be very dangerous as well.

We have talk in the past about the importance of fear and other apparent “negative” emotions.

But we have mentioned as well the importance of balance in our life. Every emotion, has its own Importance and reason, and learning to use them in the right way is paramount here. Continue reading