You are never alone


There is nothing as scarier as losing a job, failing your marriage, finding out you have a bad illness, or feeling you are on your own.

It is so easy to be in the “spiritual path” when you have everything solved, when you have no emotional, economical or health problems that keep your serenity away.  Then is when we can study and make retreats, meditate and do all rituals you want.

To be an armchair guru at those times is very easy and we see examples of that every day.

It is when we face a big problem or terrible situation, when we forget about all the things we have learnt and when we react as everyone else.  When we are questioned about the things we have been studying all these years, we cannot remember all the theory we have been preaching about.

Despair enters our hearts once more and then we realise that everything we have been studying is not good at all. All was just wishful thinking.

But it is then when we should be stronger and more secured. Continue reading

What should I change?

Taken from my book: Dialogues with my inner self. Vol. III

A recurrent question I receive from my students and people in general is: what should change in me to start receiving what I need in my life?

That is a very difficult and simple question at the same time.

We are all at different levels of self-evolution, so our needs are very different; therefore there is not a single formula to follow.  This is part of our own journey and something we have to discover by ourselves.

Nevertheless we can consider following our inner voice and our common sense during this journey and a way to get to be the person we really are but we have been hiding due to all the external influences:

What do you like in other people? Continue reading

To attract or not to attract?

 Taken from my book: “Dialogs with my inner self Vol III”

I have been struggling lately with my inner self.  I have been trying to attract many things in my life with no results whatsoever.

After some inner dialogues I had to go to my inner archives section to review some old and forgotten memories about some experiences in the past.

Many times we try to get a particular result.  We want things to go a certain way, but as I commented in a former chapter, we cannot see the whole picture and therefore we don’t really know what would be the best course of actions most of the time. We just don’t want to release the control of the situation. And we are too afraid to let things go off our hands. Continue reading



Article taken from my book: Dialogues with my inner self Vol. III

Why am I still so stuck?

I cannot understand it! I read every book, every article, ever blog, I make my visualisations every day, I watch what I eat, I have clean my house and my body I have followed your advices and everyone else’s and I still don’t get what I ask for.

What am I doing wrong? Why am I still so stuck?

I was trying to explain my friend that she was doing nothing wrong, she was just overwhelmed with information and the problem was not what she was doing or not doing.

The problem was she was obsessed with manifesting into her life everything she wanted and being considered as a LOA master.  She couldn’t understand that kind of motivation was wrong. Continue reading

Stop looking for reasons to be unhappy

Lately while I am walking on the street I like listening to a couple of sentences from other people’s conversations, not for gossiping reasons, but because if you put together every sentence| you catch “by passing” you create very funny “dialogues”, I guess I could write a novel with all the sentences I have gathered lately!

But once the fun was over and I began to remember a little more of the conversations I overheard on my commuting, I was shocked to discover that most of the conversations refer to those things that people kept focusing on, and these were mostly things that make them unhappy. Continue reading