The external

There are nowadays an overflow of products and “information” about health and fitness everywhere. Some information is very useful and comes from good sources. But most info, especially on-line literature, is just commercial-media mumbo-jumbo.

Modern medicine has advance in very impressive ways, aided by technology and chemistry, but most times you get more scared of the secondary effects of that medicine that sometimes are even worst that your original ailment.

I have talked here many times about the importance of what you allow into your mind, since that information goes deep into your subconscious mind and affects you deeply at all levels.

But equally important is to be very selective of those things you put into your physical body. Continue reading



When I was a child and someone was leaving, we used to say: good luck! As a way to say good bye, we actually didn’t mean to wish that person good fortune or good results. It was just an expression. Just that.

With the years that expression lost popularity and nowadays when we “wish good luck” to someone, most people would automatically answer: “there is no such thing as luck”. Which by the way, is another “ready-made expression” now.  With some other “prefabricated” answers. Continue reading