A hard soul to grasp

One of the most difficult things I have faced, is when I have tried to apply my own theory in my own life.

We think we are so “prepared” and “wise”, that we can give counsel to everyone who come and tell us their problems.  But if we are the ones in that situation, applying the same “advices” to our own particular case, it is not as easy to follow as when we tell others what to do with their lives to reach happiness and success.

But what if you pretend for a while that you are an external “adviser” when you are in trouble or in doubt? What would you tell somebody else? Would you follow that advice? Can you “walk your talk”? Continue reading


I was so happy and surprised to see him. He had changed so much after all these years. He looks now in a better shape, healthier and much happier.

The truth is that I couldn’t have recognised him, but he recognised me and I was so happy that he did.

Few years ago, in that street, I used to see a homeless man who asked me for some coins “to have breakfast”. He said his name was Johnny and usually I gave him some change I had left, other times I shared some of the food I had with me. Continue reading

Titles should be temporary

I have seen many people who get attached to a title and then never let it go. They become that tag and make their lives around it.

That is not only very limiting but unhealthy, since every human being is multifaceted, we are not born just to become a doctor or a lawyer and kill all the other gifts we bring with us from birth. Continue reading

Bad language = bad energy

Lately I have seen in increment in the use of bad words on the media. When I was a child, bad words were something only ignorant low class people used or, at least, that’s what I was told.

Respect for the audience in the media, especially on radio was strictly observed and saying a vulgar word was punished with very high fines and in some cases even suspension of the program.

Ladies would never dare to say a rude word and they always kept learning more vocabulary and reading books to enhance their culture and image. Continue reading

Your treasure

There are just too much information on the media about what we need to know for having an abundant life, a prosperous business, the healthiest body and a wonderful love life among other things.

Most of that info addresses a full gamma of “new knowledge” that has been created to adapt it to our modern circumstances and if you look around carefully you can find very interesting material out there.

After some centuries of “educating” humanity to see themselves as “sinners”, “worthless”, “undeserving” and other niceties brought to us thanks to most religions around the world, it still surprises me that “formal” education at universities and colleges around the world do not make room for the most important of all subjects and tools for success and advancement for every human being.

Continue reading