Stay out


Insomnia is a very harmful illness that is becoming very common these days.

Recent studies are reaffirming what Chinese medicine said centuries ago: Sleeping after midnight is not as beneficial as going to bed earlier.  The human body has an internal natural clock that regulates different functions of our organism.

Going to sleep around nine or ten pm will give us a better rest and definitely will help your body to recover faster, according to these studies.

But when your mind is awake in the middle of the night and for some reason you cannot go back to sleep immediately, your mind begins to wander, your problems begin to look bigger and scarier than they really are.

And you know very well, what happens when you begin to think about your problems at the wee hours of the night. Continue reading

Starting once more

I have heard often that deciding to begin something is a very difficult part of life. And yes, many times we waste a lot of time trying to determine what is the best course of action for our next step.

Deciding how to begin, could be very stressful but, what about starting all over again?

When you face something new you could be driven by enthusiasm, excitement, expectations and sometimes just plain ignorance of what is ahead of you.

But when you are facing something you have tried before and failed, your decisions could be loaded with anxiety to fail once more. Your past mistakes are huge ghosts difficult to overcome most times.  They are there to remind you that you were there before and you did something wrong and therefore you could repeat that error once again. Continue reading

Just here

I must admit that being focused on this present moment is not as easy as I thought.

My mind is wandering more than ever and trying to keep it in this local reality is costing me an extra effort today.

Too many things are trying to keep me from “being here” and that is so interesting to observe, because I am trying to ask myself why, something apparently so simple, is so complicated today.

Probably paying so much attention to my thoughts today is making the task more difficult or, struggling to keep my mind relaxed is what is causing the opposite effect. But nevertheless it is so fascinating to observe this process from the inside. Continue reading

Wrong Mode?

“The TV is not working again”

“What is wrong with it? I asked my mother.

“There is no image, I tune channel 3 and still no image!” she replied annoyed.

“Mmmh mum, this new set no longer needs to work on channel 3, now they have a special mode for different inputs”, I said with a calmed voice.

“Why do they have to do everything so complicated? So now what am I supposed to do to watch TV?” Her voice was getting louder…. So I proceeded with caution. This was dangerous territory. Continue reading


I grew up hearing “if you want things well done, do them yourself”.  Usually when you do team work it is very difficult to get the results you would have expected, if you had done the whole work alone.

We all have different gifts, abilities, knowledge, experiences, enthusiasm and interests, so to gather a team where every person will deliver their best to achieve certain result is a very difficult task. Continue reading

The bridge

In was surprised to see how a little bridge was able to “endure” its hard work. It was a small bridge made with bamboo rods that served to cross a little creek at the entrance of a small town in Japan.

All villagers use it, to enter the main road to access the centre of town and I was surprised to see how the bamboo bent under the weight of each villager carrying merchandise and things in general. Continue reading

The confrontation

When you have to face adversity in its many forms, you have many opportunities to deal with different aspects of your problems.

Sometimes when your problems touch an area of your being that really matters to you, you have to confront the problem in a different way.  When our emotions are involved we tend to see things under a different light and our decisions are therefore compromised. Continue reading

From the other side

Depending on your religious-philosophical-educational background you probably have an opinion on what lies beyond the moment of death. For some people they get to a beautiful place where they will meet their family and friends once more, for others they will go to a place with beautiful maidens that will treat them as kings, for others you just fall into a deep sleep and maybe someday you will be awaken to be judged with the rest of humanity. For many others it is like they just pull your cord and you are tuned off for ever.

But whatever your beliefs are on that subject, I think we all have some sort of expectancy on a life after this life. Many people I know just hate to think on that subject, but most of them have admitted that they believe there most be something beyond this local reality.  Continue reading


We all have heard the expression: “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” And in a certain way that is what we do all the time.

You make thousands of decisions every day, what shoes will you use today? Are you going to drink coffee or tea? Will you take the bus or finally walk a little? Will you take this as a miracle or a regular event? Etc. Continue reading