Life lessons

Many people refer to their life experiences as “lessons from the University of Life”. Meaning that life itself is an abundant source of knowledge, experiences and very valuable lessons. Probably the best lessons in life are absolutely free. Or maybe not so “free” because the price we have to pay to receive them and learn from them is having to experience them in our life and that sometimes, is a very high price to pay.

Today I am feeling especially grateful for all my life lessons, I am fortunate to say I have experienced some very difficult ones from the best teachers in the universe: my “problems” and “hard times” have been excellent teachers and I am so grateful for them. Besides I have and still am learning from other people who have been kind enough to share their experiences with me and others who I have been able to observe from the distance as well. Continue reading

Stop looking for reasons to be unhappy

Lately while I am walking on the street I like listening to a couple of sentences from other people’s conversations, not for gossiping reasons, but because if you put together every sentence| you catch “by passing” you create very funny “dialogues”, I guess I could write a novel with all the sentences I have gathered lately!

But once the fun was over and I began to remember a little more of the conversations I overheard on my commuting, I was shocked to discover that most of the conversations refer to those things that people kept focusing on, and these were mostly things that make them unhappy. Continue reading

Shake it off

There is nothing more difficult than trying to talk with someone who is angry. You ask them to listen to what you have to say, but their anger do not let them listen, really listen, they actually are not really interested in what you have to say, all they want to do is to take that awful feeling out of their system.

Even if they let you speak for a few seconds, they will immediately start talking back to you, they won’t listen to your reasons because they won’t keep that anger inside and need to get it out of them. Even if you are right they cannot see it. Continue reading


We can find different opinions about strikes and social movements nowadays.

One day you are driving trying to avoid the usual and terrible transit typical of big cities when suddenly you take a turn and find a street blocked by a group of workers who are demanding a solution to their problems.  Then you are forced to change your route and so is everyone else on the street, therefore the transit issues are immediately amplified altering our activities in more ways than one. Continue reading

The pain

The boy was around 6 years old, he was thin but looked very strong and enthusiast.  His classmates were older than him. This was one of the most famous dojos in Japan leaded by one of the most respected masters in the world. Matsutatsu (Mass) Oyama.

The students very respectfully waited for the Sensei’s (teacher) orders. He told the little boy to stand in the centre of the dojo and put his hand behind his back, then with a slight gesture commended to rest of the class to stand up in a line, each student stood in front of the little boy and began punching his abdomen with five fast fist blows. The little boy was stoically resisting but after receiving the punches of the fifth student, the little boy collapsed crying on the floor. Continue reading

And he was right in front of me (reflexion)

I was complaining on the mobile about some silly things that I was considering a big deal at the moment when I noticed a homeless man walking towards me, his dirty old clothes and the bags he was carrying on his back was a sad image to see, but when he was a couple metres from me I couldn’t help staring at him for his face looked so familiar.

As soon as he looked at me I immediately look the other way, since I had recognised him and I didn’t want him to notice it. Continue reading