From the other side

Depending on your religious-philosophical-educational background you probably have an opinion on what lies beyond the moment of death. For some people they get to a beautiful place where they will meet their family and friends once more, for others they will go to a place with beautiful maidens that will treat them as kings, for others you just fall into a deep sleep and maybe someday you will be awaken to be judged with the rest of humanity. For many others it is like they just pull your cord and you are tuned off for ever.

But whatever your beliefs are on that subject, I think we all have some sort of expectancy on a life after this life. Many people I know just hate to think on that subject, but most of them have admitted that they believe there most be something beyond this local reality.  Continue reading


The green leaves

We don’t really need to go very far or spend a lot of money to learn big lessons, observing nature is one of the most fulfilling and inexpensive ways to learn from life itself.

A little palm tree was all brown and sad since they have put it in a park where I often take long walks. It was a sad view.  But Don Carlos Hernandez, the man in charge of the park told me that plants are like human beings, they sometimes like the location we choose for them and other times they don’t. Continue reading


With these “Dialogs with my inner self” I always try to remind myself of those things I feel I am doing or not doing right, or where I need to clarify something.  So if you have read some of these “notes to myself” you can see I still need to clarify a LOT in my head.

I have seen lately that I am doing too many things every day and, a sense of urgency to finish everything I start, is beginning to put some pressure on my shoulders that I don’t really need now. Continue reading