Your Light

There are days when you just cannot find the Light in your life and everything looks so dark and sinister.

With all the bad news inundating the Internet and the public media, those tragic stories from family and friends who are always so eager to share them with us, even before asking how we are doing.  The strangers in the street who love to tell you their lives and recent tragedies to see if they can find a friendly ear, that allows them to discharge their bad energy accumulated in their soul for so long. All that added to your own personal emotional baggage!

There are days, when you have to decide creating your own Light in the middle of a lot of induced darkness. Continue reading


You are already here (Rules for standing up once more)

(These are some excerpts taken from my conference in a community centre last week) Just some highlights I chose to share with you here.

  • We lose track of our past accomplishments and endeavours under the blinding light of the things yet to be done.
  • The overwhelming feeling of looking at all the things that need to be done in front of us is a powerful feeling that most times keeps us from advancing in our personal enhancement.
  • We are so concerned with our image and the concept others have about us that we forget what it is really important: our self-perception.
  • If I had known all the aspects I needed to learn before mastering a language like Russian, I’m sure that I would never have started to learn it in the first place.
  • The only way you can accomplish something big is taking a step at a time.
  • Stop trying to look at all the things you still have to do, accomplish, learn, etc. Just concentrate on what lies right in front of you here and now.
  • Don´t ask yourself how you are going to do it please. This only increases your level of stress and uncertainty and, that will not help you in anyway whatsoever.
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“Fast method”

We have talked many times about the importance of cycles in life. We are now used to do the things in faster ways than before. In the old times making a cake could take hours, then the instant cakes boxes arrived and it would take us almost an hour to have it on the table, nowadays  we rather go and buy one at the bakery so we don´t have to waste time making it.

This doesn’t apply only to fast-food, we are in the search for “fast-anything”, we seem to be too busy trying to accomplish a hundred thing in our agenda every day and we end up doing two or three things actually.

We are even trying to find faster things methods to reach Nirvana. Now we don’t want to go through the whole process of reaching enlightenment, we want to be a Buddha, and we want it NOW. Continue reading

A sacred place

A had a friend who, since he was a little child, his parents taught him he needed to go to church to be able to speak to God.

He always attended his church services 3 times a week. He had the firm belief that the only place to talk to God was his church.  I asked him once why he had to rush to his church every time he wanted to pray, if God was everywhere at any time. He just answered that he knew that but, that his parents had planted that seed in his heart and that now he was not able to let it go that easily. Continue reading


I was beginning to feel worried, two of my friends were talking about different experiences with rejection and how awful they felt afterwards.  They were totally devastated.

Of course I have faced rejection many times and it made me feel like dying and almost ended with many projects I once had. But the reason I was feeling a little worried was that now I really don’t care very much about rejection itself. Continue reading

The answer (Personal note to self)

And he was talking so convincingly, he looked so confident that the people around him believed every word he said. His gestures, his tone, his arguments were so strong and powerful nobody doubted his word.

If he said something it had to be the absolute truth, after all he had travelled the world, and studied for so many years. Continue reading


At some point I realised I was in a permanent deep sleep state in my life, I felt I was existing but not really living. Things happened in my life but in some way I was not really experiencing them in awake mode.

I went through my daily life in a dormant mode and sometimes I did something and a few minutes later I was not sure I had done it or not.  I had “lost” that period of time in the nothingness. I was feeling like a walking zombie most of the time.

I got scared and began to look for a way to “return” to the present time so my mind wouldn’t wander away and lose the actual experience. Continue reading

Happiness vibration

It would be wonderful if you could just wake in the morning feeling so happy and grateful for your life as it is. (Yes, even on Monday).

Imagine waking up and seeing things as if it was the first time you see them and feel the gratitude of having them in your life.

If you can achieve that, then you might say you have reached true enlightenment! Continue reading