In my younger years, I had always seen economics, the subject, with disdain because I considered it not a science but a topic of “personal opinions and interpretations.”  Nowadays I have reached the conclusion that most of our believes are a product of our own personal opinions and interpretations, although it seems we are not very aware of that.

I questioned a friend of mine, who is a very well-respected economist, if he could give me an example of economics theory applied on our daily life, and while I was not expecting a great answer, his example made a profound impression on me.

He looked at me with a relaxed look in his eyes and said: “One of the things that I had applied in my life very often is the law of the sunk costs.”

I looked at him perplexed waiting for a clearer explanation. Continue reading


I was standing in the middle of the gym with all my classmates staring at me amusingly watching my intents to defend myself against my opponent.

I was the smallest bloke in the class, in age and size, but at that time I was not very interested in their opinion about me.

I loved martial arts and despite of my efforts, the combat ended up really bad for me.

But in that particular moment, for some reason that was irrelevant to me and after that humiliating exercise, my teacher made a long list of all the appalling mistakes I made that time.  Actually I made all the known and unknown faults listed in the manual. But I was so focused on my passion for training that it didn’t sound intimidating or discouraging to me. Continue reading

Modifying your past (Warning: Crazy thoughts ahead enter at your own risk)

With Quantum mechanics our common logic does not work, it doesn’t matter how much we try to make sense of it, it is amazing but it´s real.

More and more universities around the world are working on different theories and experiments to try to understand the bases of quantum world. And the conclusions, or at least the results of those experiments are totally mind blowing. That is why Niels Bohr said that if you read an hour about Quantum Physics and your head doesn’t hurt, you didn’t understand anything. Continue reading

Are we different?

I just received an email from a friend in Japan. She shares with me some of her hopes and fears and I was surprised to see how “similar” our dreams and problems were.

But why was I so surprised? I have been there and when I was in Japan, and actually after getting to know the people and customs there I was “accepted” in the community.  To me they were like anyone else and I think I was taken as one more in the bunch.

So where did I begin to think they could feel or experience life in a different way than I do?

Being now on the other side of the planet, when I hear about Japan is like listening from a different world.  But that is only an error in my perspective.

Distance is relative to the observer, just like time. Continue reading

I won’t fail this time either.

“Yes, I have made a lot of mistakes, I have taken very bad decisions and I am still trying to figure out how to set things right in many aspects of my life, but I don’t think I have failed. I did everything I could in the way I thought it was right, I tried my best to do the things in the only way I knew and yes, I know, I have harmed people I love at times, I have even harmed people I don’t know directly but all I can say is that I didn’t do anything on purpose. I never meant to do anything wrong to anyone in anyway.” I told my friend while we walked in the park. Continue reading

Examination day is here

Did you ever arrive to school and suddenly the teacher received you with a surprise examination?

I bet you remember the feeling, the nervousness and the insecurity: am I really prepared for this? Will I remember everything? I should have studied my notes more often, etc.

Sometimes you passed the exam, sometimes you did not and had to repeat the test or make some extra homework to pass that subject.  But you always learnt something from that experience. Continue reading

The past

“We study history to avoid repeating the errors of the past”, said my old history teacher.

That is a sound advice since understanding the process of learning is a very important aspect of our education.

Nevertheless, when it comes to our particular case, we need to be very careful how we apply it in our life.

We learn from our old errors. If we are in front of a negative experience similar to an event in our past, we react in a defensive way in order to avoid the same negative results. Our mind generates fear as that defence mechanism. Continue reading

Why I am not manifesting what I want?

We often try to manifest what we want from a state of “stagnation”, “lack” or “limitation”.

After all, these are states that make us want something more. However, at the same time prevent us from having what we want.

Look, when you’re feeling the lack and limitation, you see the world through that lens, and others perceive that in you too. In this state, it is unlikely that you can clearly see the opportunities that come to you,  opportunities that could motivate you to take inspired action, or take you to something better.

When all you feel is the “gap” in your life, you will be a magnet for experiences that match that state.

So, what can you do? What if those are your “true” feelings? Continue reading