Bad day

There are days when you would like to stay in bed the whole day without knowing from the external world. Those days when you would like to sleep all the time so you don’t have to face a bunch of problems, people and situations that make you feel overwhelmed and fed up of everything.

Many times we feel as if we just couldn’t go on, we feel we are carrying the whole world on our shoulders, and when things get more complicated, finding new answers and solutions is an almost impossible task, or at least so it seems to us. Continue reading



It is amazing when you compare the differences between several concepts that I thought were a little more “standardise” like “success”, “beauty”, “good”, “evil” and so on.

For some strange reason I always thought we all shared the same concepts on many subjects, like the notion of “good” for instance. It was years later when having to interact with people from different countries as a visitor and observer, that I had my first “cultural shock”.

So maybe the ideas are not that different, but our interpretations are. What my community considers a crime, a different culture considers it as something normal, even logical. Continue reading