It is amazing when you compare the differences between several concepts that I thought were a little more “standardise” like “success”, “beauty”, “good”, “evil” and so on.

For some strange reason I always thought we all shared the same concepts on many subjects, like the notion of “good” for instance. It was years later when having to interact with people from different countries as a visitor and observer, that I had my first “cultural shock”.

So maybe the ideas are not that different, but our interpretations are. What my community considers a crime, a different culture considers it as something normal, even logical. Continue reading


Harmful ideas

One of the most difficult things we have to go through in this life is having to let go of things.  Attachment is carved so deep into our soul that we actually feel like we own the entire universe.

That sense of ownership and competitiveness have been making real damage to our society for quite a long time now.

For example, we believe we own our children. Our sons and daughters are not ours, they are not our property. They have arrived to our life to teach us to be better and to evolve at the same time they receive our guidance and love. But they are independent of us and we need to stop treating them as if we owned their lives. Continue reading


Have you ever found someone who thinks he/she knows it all? It is a common event nowadays.

We live in a time where information is so easy to reach with access to Internet and a few keystrokes will get you all the information you need in seconds.

But something you need to keep in mind is that even on the Internet you cannot find all the knowledge there is.  Even with almost two billion pages on line and 100,000 new pages that are being uploaded today, there is still too much information missing. Continue reading

Vive la differénce!

I was overhearing some people talking right in front of me on the street and they were saying that everybody should just search for friends with the same hobbies, interests etc.  They were saying that a perfect community is one with harmony and balance.  But although I disagreed with them, since I believe balance consists in variety, they seemed to agree that if all your friends share your hobbies, interests and opinions, you will have more long lasting friendships

I couldn’t find out what there were talking about or what the bases of their comments were, since they were just walking in front of me for a little while, but I kept thinking about that subject for a long while. Continue reading

What should I change?

A recurrent question I receive from my students and people in general is: what should change in me to start receiving what I need in my life?

That is a very difficult and simple question at the same time.

We are all at different levels of self-evolution, so our needs are very different; therefore there is not a single formula to follow.  This is part of our own journey and something we have to discover by ourselves. Continue reading