One of the main issues of our modern world is that we are living so fast, so focused in our daily routine that we forget about our inner self.

Awareness is the key.  You can move your fingers, because you are aware of their presence in your body and because you know you can move them. You can do your daily chores because you know you are capable of doing them, you can walk, drive, jump and eat your soup because you know you can do these things and more.

You can see and recognise people and things because you are aware of their presence, actually the only reason you can see the things around you is because your mind is aware of their existence there. But believe it or not, there are even more things out there that you cannot see because your mind is not “tuned into” their frequency.

You’d be surprised to see how many things would instantly “appear” the moment you made your mind aware of their existence. Continue reading


Why do bad things have to exist? If God is so “good” as they say, then why he allows the bad and the ugly to exist?

These are common questions we all hear all the time.

And have you ever imagined a world without opposites?

It could not exist at all actually.

We need a point of comparison to be able to “measure” things. How would you know if something is cold if there was not hot? Silly example I know I am just trying to make my point here. Continue reading

 What is your scorpion?

I was overhearing a group of ladies in a park, complaining about the existence of bad ugly things and people.

One of them was saying that God shouldn’t allow bad things, people or events to exist. The rest of the group around her nodded in agreement.

I continued my walk thinking that when I was a little child I had that same stance towards scorpions. I was really afraid of them. And I was so terrified of them that I attracted them by the dozens.  When we went to visit my cousins in a region where scorpions are very common, they always were amazed to see that as soon as I got to their place, little scorpions began to appear, in the walls, in the corners, under the beds (specially under the bed I used), on the ceiling, etc. Of course my fear was so STRONG that I attracted them. obviously. (This is a clear example of the Law of Attraction at work). That awful feeling of fear attracted them as soon as I was present. Continue reading


They say “Everything has a solution but death” and often they reply: “And many times death is the solution”.

I know there are extreme cases like certain illnesses when much suffering is involved, and we cannot see other way out but death itself, when medicine in general cannot offer help any more. Continue reading

The evidence

It is strange how good we are to find all the reasons why we won’t be able to achieve certain goal, or why we are not good enough to reach a certain level of success, or even worst, why we don’t deserve to be happy, healthy, wealthy, etc.

In part, is the general programming we all receive, the way we compare ourselves with the false images we see in others and the harmful fake modesty that leads us to a low esteem. Continue reading