“My life is a chaos!” said that lady with a frustrated expression in her face.

“I cannot stand it anymore, either this situation changes or I will not make it till next month”, she added with a tortured tone of voice.

I was not being nosey on purpose. I happened to be standing behind two middle aged ladies while we all waited for the traffic lights to change colour so we could cross to the other side of a big avenue.

The lady who was standing beside the first one just looked at her companion, probably as overwhelmed as her and limited her answers to nodding her head from time to time.

“Why is God so mean to me?” The first lady asked in a very loud voice. Some people around her stared at her at that moment, and in some way I felt that was her intention in the first place. But well, that is what I thought, so do not take my word for it.

Finally, the other lady told her that she should hang on and pray a lot so her situation could change soon.

The traffic light showed the “walk” sign. We all crossed the street.

I remember when I was afraid of darkness, afraid of moving on, afraid of beginning a new day, a new job, the first day of school and so on and so forth.

All those events meant just one thing: Change was about to happen.

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Embrace it

I have heard so many times that you have to embrace change and difficulties when they come, that I thought I had totally understood the idea. And probably I had, but as usual when it comes to apply our knowledge in real life, things become difficult.

We are all excellent for theory but when practice time arrives, the story is quite different, same thing when giving advice to others, we already know what to say to them in any situation THEY have to face, but when we are in the same predicament, all those answers and solutions vanish from our head. Continue reading


I have mentioned many times an old Russian proverb that says: “There is no bad without good”. And in a few words it means that every time something “bad” happens to us, it’s because it brings something better behind it.

I have learnt that receiving every negative incident that arrives to our life with a positive disposition changes a lot the final result of that event. Continue reading

Your adventure

Two decades ago I began a great adventure. A world tour visiting 100 cities in 40 countries. We have planned to complete this tour in a year exactly, but it ended up taking more than a year an a half, yes we forget about the unexpected surprises (good and strange) you always find in every trip. Continue reading

What you expect…

I must admit that sometimes my mind flies higher than it should and creates over amplified sceneries of events.

It is true that we are experiencing life depending on our ideas, beliefs, points of view, etc.  But sometimes our expectative is based on the wrong mental image and therefore, this leads us to pain and disappointment, or fear and stillness. Continue reading


I have noticed that the worst disappointments in my life have been caused by what I expected things and people to be, instead of allowing them just be what they really were.

Learning to let things, people and circumstances to be what they really are hasn’t been easy at all.  And I am not talking about doing something to change the bad things around my life, but to give a person, a situation or a thing a tag that does not belong to them. Continue reading

Titles should be temporary

I have seen many people who get attached to a title and then never let it go. They become that tag and make their lives around it.

That is not only very limiting but unhealthy, since every human being is multifaceted, we are not born just to become a doctor or a lawyer and kill all the other gifts we bring with us from birth. Continue reading

You are never alone

There is nothing as scarier as losing a job, failing your marriage, finding out you have a bad illness, or feeling you are on your own.

It is so easy to be in the “spiritual path” when you have everything solved, when you have no emotional, economical or health problems that keep your serenity away.  Then is when we can study and make retreats, meditate and do all rituals you want.

To be an armchair guru at those times is very easy and we see examples of that every day. Continue reading

What do you expect?

You have made your visualisations, your visualisation board, your affirmations, your meditations and so on. But the results are still the same. Why?

I was talking to a friend who has been doing all these practices for a while and he was complaining about getting the same results all the time.

I asked him if he had been expecting to receive new results.  All the previous activities were fine but if his expectation was the same as before, he would receive the same results over and over. Continue reading