You would be surprised to know of all the things you give permission to harm you.

From old ideas and concepts to the food and medicines you willingly take each day.

It is true that we do something about it until we face the terrible consequences of our choices, but I guess it is human nature. We have all, at some point in our life, been in that situation. Continue reading

Trust what´s coming

When you are searching something on line, you usually type in the word or words related to the subject you need to find info about, you usually press the key “return” or “enter” or “send” , depending the device you are using and, you just wait for the list of results to appear.

Usually this happens in a matter of seconds, depending on the speed of your connection to Internet.  If you connection is not very fast and/or the search engine is too busy at that moment, you just wait. You don’t keep pressing the “return” key many times to “accelerate” the search. You “understand” that sometimes the Internet gets slow for several reasons, it’s annoying but you know it happens often.” Continue reading

Your success

One of the things I have learnt in my life is, to feel Happy for the success of others as for my own success.  I must admit that vanquish envy was not an easy task, but after all it is possible.

Let me explain, when I saw someone doing or achieving something I couldn’t do I automatically used to feel envy or frustration.   Continue reading

The bridge

In was surprised to see how a little bridge was able to “endure” its hard work. It was a small bridge made with bamboo rods that served to cross a little creek at the entrance of a small town in Japan.

All villagers use it, to enter the main road to access the centre of town and I was surprised to see how the bamboo bent under the weight of each villager carrying merchandise and things in general. Continue reading

The confrontation

When you have to face adversity in its many forms, you have many opportunities to deal with different aspects of your problems.

Sometimes when your problems touch an area of your being that really matters to you, you have to confront the problem in a different way.  When our emotions are involved we tend to see things under a different light and our decisions are therefore compromised. Continue reading

Emotional Memory

As I talked with a client who is going through a terrible depression right now, we were commenting about different methods to get rid of that terrible state.

A method I learnt in my acting lessons is called “memory of emotions”, every time you needed to react in a particular way in a scene, all you had to do is to find a moment in your life that matched the emotion you needed to reproduce on the scene. Continue reading

Help others and help yourself

I am so happy to know that now more and more people are deciding to help others so they can help themselves, thanks to several studies by different universities around the world, that show how important altruism is to enhance our own health.

Helping others had shown to raise our immune system and several illnesses have decreased their damage to the body or even disappeared in some cases, thanks to the boost to our natural defences caused by the feeling in helping others. Continue reading

Feeling for healing

In the old times expressing your emotions was some kind of taboo in most occidental societies. Especially for men, to show what your heart felt was considered as a lack of self-control and a sign of weakness.

“Men don’t cry” dictates the old saying and that brought actually more harm than benefits to the health of many men throughout history.

There are some cultures, even now, where having a cold and serious attitude is considered as good manners. Continue reading


Another way to accelerate results is excitement. If you are able to feel excited for something you wish to experience in your reality, you can be more certain about manifesting it faster.

Remember the Universe does not understand words per se, it is the emotions that go with the words the real energy that causes everything to be manifested.

That is why you hear constantly that you should be careful with your words and thoughts.

And we have said here many times that you create your future with your present emotions.  So the best way to accelerate your results is loving what you are living right now. Continue reading