I was standing in the middle of the gym with all my classmates staring at me amusingly watching my intents to defend myself against my opponent.

I was the smallest bloke in the class, in age and size, but at that time I was not very interested in their opinion about me.

I loved martial arts and despite of my efforts, the combat ended up really bad for me.

But in that particular moment, for some reason that was irrelevant to me and after that humiliating exercise, my teacher made a long list of all the appalling mistakes I made that time.  Actually I made all the known and unknown faults listed in the manual. But I was so focused on my passion for training that it didn’t sound intimidating or discouraging to me. Continue reading


You define yourself

I remember one day when my daughter told me she was stupid.

I was very impressed by the way she said that. She was around 5 years old and after school she told me she was stupid in a very confident and serene voice. She was totally convinced that was a fact.

I asked her why she said that and, in the same tone, she answered: “My teacher told me I am stupid, my friends told me I am stupid, my cousins told me I am stupid therefore, I must be stupid”

“Did they tell you that today?” I asked.

“Yes, but they have told me that before, so I think they must be right” She answered with sadness. Continue reading

Hidden messages

I was reading a funny article in a Russian magazine about the way we should interpret woman’s words, like when they say “No” they mean “Yes” when they say “No problem” it really means “Prepare for trouble” and so forth.

Although this article was written in a humorous way, it helped me to realise that we are all using that “code” in some way or another every day.

How many times have you said “Yes” when you actually wanted to say “No” and immediately after you are desperately looking to “correct” your mistake? Continue reading


For some reason we believe we can get away with lying, not only to others, but to ourselves.

There are thousands of “reasons” to tell a lie.  There are many classifications for lies as well: “white lies”, “broken promises”, “lies to justify ourselves and/or others, “exaggeration” even “necessary lies” and so on. Continue reading

You are such a fool!

I know you are not a fool, but do you?

If suddenly you drop something by accident and I tell you: Gosh, you are such a fool! The logical reaction is you get mad at me and answer something like: – You are the fool! Or something like that.

Ok I understand that, nobody has the right to call anybody else such names, those are negative “tags”. I would understand you getting mad at me for calling you that.

But after sometime you might even forget I called you like that, because you know you are not a fool, right? Continue reading