Warming up

I was waiting for him to finish  his phone call, he was as usual, very busy and the phone didn’t stop ringing, so I was beginning to lose hope to be able to even say hello to him.  The phone rang once more and someone on the other end ask him for a big amount of money to buy a property, he just repeated the amount and wrote it on a notebook.  He finally hung up and I told him that was a big amount for a property, just to start the conversation and yes, I was being nosey too. Continue reading


Isn’t it fun when you ask an artist, a writer, a musician, or to any creative person what is or where their inspiration comes from? They just make a pause staring into the infinite and after a while they just answer: “I don’t know. “

I have been searching everywhere, I have been asking every creative soul I meet and I have read many interviews of the greatest creative people in history, and they all answer the same. Nobody knows what inspiration is, nor where does it comes from. Continue reading