Your gift to the universe

We usually receive gifts on Christmas, our birthday, and some other special occasions.

Some of us are used to wake up in the morning under a roof, with nice blankets and most times a good breakfast waiting for us on the table. We see it so natural, that we forget to be grateful for all those blessings we receive every day.

There are some people who are open and willing to receive, but there are others who feel they do not deserve it.

In some cases, not being “open to receive” is as bad as not being willing to share your good with others. Continue reading

Your silence


Nowadays, empty words are such a trend. Everybody has to say something all the time.

Even when they do not know what to say or they have no idea of what they are talking about.

If someone else is talking about something that happened to them the day before, people usually have an anecdote “more interesting”, “more frightening”, “more fabulous” to add.

If someone has some kind of illness or is going through a difficult time, there will always be that person who is going through something much more terrible than the others. As if demeaning other´s people problems and dilemmas was some kind of contest. Continue reading


Most people I know hate waiting for anything.  Waiting is something so important that is amazing we all lack that skill, gift, knowledge or whatever you want to call it.

We are losing many values nowadays, but one I really am very fond of is punctuality. I consider than wasting other people’s time is one of the worst offences we can do to them. We have no idea what they had to go through in order to give us some of their time and, if we show up late or if we show no respect for their time, we have no respect for ourselves either.

Respecting time, ours and other people’s is a virtue. Continue reading


I was so happy and surprised to see him. He had changed so much after all these years. He looks now in a better shape, healthier and much happier.

The truth is that I couldn’t have recognised him, but he recognised me and I was so happy that he did.

Few years ago, in that street, I used to see a homeless man who asked me for some coins “to have breakfast”. He said his name was Johnny and usually I gave him some change I had left, other times I shared some of the food I had with me. Continue reading

The puzzle

I was listening to a group or people in an event who were talking about how good they were at different expressions of art. Some of them were great painters, others were magnificent musicians, some others were masters in a few more disciplines and that is perfect, you might expect to find all that talent in a gallery. That is normal.

But what was really interesting, at least to me, was the other things they loved and had nothing to do with their main talent.  There was a painter who loved to cook deserts, grow his own vegetables and hiking.  A guitar player who loved bird watching, web design and making his own marmalade. Continue reading

From the other side

Depending on your religious-philosophical-educational background you probably have an opinion on what lies beyond the moment of death. For some people they get to a beautiful place where they will meet their family and friends once more, for others they will go to a place with beautiful maidens that will treat them as kings, for others you just fall into a deep sleep and maybe someday you will be awaken to be judged with the rest of humanity. For many others it is like they just pull your cord and you are tuned off for ever.

But whatever your beliefs are on that subject, I think we all have some sort of expectancy on a life after this life. Many people I know just hate to think on that subject, but most of them have admitted that they believe there most be something beyond this local reality.  Continue reading


Our best gift? Being able to give. When we receive something, a present, a surprise, a donation, etc., the feeling is unbelievable, especially if we didn’t expect to receive it and/or is a solution to a problem we are facing.  But do you remember the feeling or should I say the cascade of wonderful feelings that invade your heart the last time you gave something to someone who needed it?

Just to look into their eyes, to see their faces and how joy is exuded from their whole being is a wonderful experience. Continue reading