Your Light

There are days when you just cannot find the Light in your life and everything looks so dark and sinister.

With all the bad news inundating the Internet and the public media, those tragic stories from family and friends who are always so eager to share them with us, even before asking how we are doing.  The strangers in the street who love to tell you their lives and recent tragedies to see if they can find a friendly ear, that allows them to discharge their bad energy accumulated in their soul for so long. All that added to your own personal emotional baggage!

There are days, when you have to decide creating your own Light in the middle of a lot of induced darkness. Continue reading


Are you worried?

Things begin to accumulate around us, there are compromises, extra spendings, debts, credit cards, prices rising up and a big etc., that you and I know very well.

Besides we are masochists enough as to read the newspapers, watch the news on TV or listening the news broadcasts on the radio, so we take that information as a fact, and then start getting worried about everything. Continue reading