This man was almost 2 metres height, strongly built and with a blunt face. He was drinking with some friends in a restaurant and it was evident he didn’t want to be disturbed from his social gathering with his drinking buddies.

Suddenly this little girl around 6 or 7 years old entered the place and stood right in front of this man and said: “Uncle, my mum needs some money to buy food.” Continue reading


The right way

One of my favourite activities is walking. I try to walk as much as possible.

During these long walks I enjoy different things, from sightseeing to listen what people think and do.

The other day a tourist was trying to find his way around and while waiting for the traffic light to give us the green light to cross the street, I could listen to him asking to women how to get to the centre of the city. Continue reading

Then, Why not?

Every time I start a new adventure in my life, one of the main forces that help me to take the first step is, my own motivation, my intention to accomplish something specific. Without that powerful “force” I would abandon the journey at the first obstacle.

Sometimes the hardest part is to gather enough strength to start, to decide to take the first step. We begin questioning everything: Am I good enough? Is this worth doing? What if I fail? What if this isn’t good enough? What if the others laugh at me? Continue reading

Are you available?

If you were looking for a job right now, wouldn’t you love for someone to come and ask you: Are you available?

If you would like to go out with your friends or in a date a good way to be invited out is to let them know you are available to go out with them. Otherwise they might think you are not and never even bother to ask you. Continue reading

Choose your costume

I have always admired the way women spend time choosing their attire and accessories when they are going to attend a special event.

I usually just choose a suit and a tie the same day of the event and, in a few minutes I am ready to go, but women go to a thousand stores, just to choose the dress, then spend hours on shoes, stockings, scarves and so forth.

Then they finish the day going to a few other stores to find the “right jewellery” that go with the dress and finally the purse. And sometimes this adventure lasts a few days to complete. Continue reading

I know, you are a master

I have heard many times people affirming, “I wasn’t born for this…” Or “I have two left hands (not being left handed people of course)”, or “That is not one of my talents…” And the list goes on.

Few days ago I had the opportunity to meet a very famous author whose novels have been taken to the stages many times. And curious about “the origin” of his impressive talent I asked him how did he discover he was an excellent writer? Continue reading