Isn’t it fun when you ask an artist, a writer, a musician, or to any creative person what is or where their inspiration comes from? They just make a pause staring into the infinite and after a while they just answer: “I don’t know. “

I have been searching everywhere, I have been asking every creative soul I meet and I have read many interviews of the greatest creative people in history, and they all answer the same. Nobody knows what inspiration is, nor where does it comes from. Continue reading

The right way

One of my favourite activities is walking. I try to walk as much as possible.

During these long walks I enjoy different things, from sightseeing to listen what people think and do.

The other day a tourist was trying to find his way around and while waiting for the traffic light to give us the green light to cross the street, I could listen to him asking to women how to get to the centre of the city. Continue reading