In the last few years, I have seen among friends and colleagues a tendency (yes, me included of course), to feel that if you are not busy all the time, you are wasting your time.

This phenomenon is more common in big cities. We are getting used to be stressed all the time. And if you find yourself, in a certain moment, relaxed and calmed, then a feeling of guilt takes over your heart.

Nowadays, it seems unforgivable to be relaxed and happy, it is generally taken as an act of “laziness”, “idleness” or a” waste of your life”.

Believe it or not, many people are living that way. All the time. Continue reading



Just two letters, one word. Simple, small and so frightening for so many.

Avoiding the use this little word has brought more problems, misunderstandings, sadness and regrets than you can imagine.

Maybe we feel guilty when we say it? Maybe we feel we are being rude to the other person? Maybe we feel obliged to avoid it? Who knows but despite its size and simplicity, it is one of the hardest words to say for many people around the world.

Maybe we were educated to see that little word as “harsh”? Are we afraid to offend the other party? Disappoint them? Continue reading


I couldn’t help laughing when I saw the face of a teenager girl who was in a table right in front of me at a restaurant yesterday.

Her mother was trying to explain to her the right way to use the fork and knife (I bet for the hundredth time), but the girl kept only rolling up her eyes and looking everywhere embarrassed someone was noticing her being tutored in pubic. Continue reading

You are guilty

How did you feel when you read the title?

Maybe your mind begins to search some reason you might think to feel guilty or maybe you immediately know why you feel guilty for something in your past or in your present.

A good way to find where our limiting beliefs and imprisoning thoughts are hiding is just finding a reason why we still feel guilty at something. Continue reading

I have failed

Yes, I admit that I have failed in the past, I am failing now and I certainly will fail again in the future. I have never said I am a flawless being and I´ll never pretend to be one.

Actually I am glad I have failed many times for I am now a more experienced person and I prefer to admit my failures and remember the lessons learned than boast only my achievements.

I know many people want me to live in guilt for my mistakes, but I won’t do that either, I have forgiven myself and I am terribly sorry for hurting the people I have affected in the past and I might be affecting in the present, but the only way I am going to get over this situation is to start everyday anew. Continue reading

The guilt of being free

If you feel like going out to take a walk, buy yourself an ice cream, go to the movies on your own or anything that means taking some time for yourself, or buying something for yourself, just for the pleasure of giving yourself a gift, how do you feel?

Usually we ask a lot from ourselves and if you suddenly feel like taking a walk in the park to clear your mind for a few minutes, instead of letting your mind enjoy the outdoors, your mind will keep asking you how could you be so irresponsible to do something like that in a moment when you should be working like crazy to earn more money to pay all the things you are supposed to cover this month, and so on. Continue reading

The unblocker

Many times we look for the solution of a particular situation in the wrong places.

We keep applying what we learn in books, courses, conferences, videos and personal life experiences and things still seem to be blocked.  Nothing changes, nothing moves.

But as usual, the cause of the blocking is deep inside our subconscious mind.

Have you ever thought that what is keeping you from reaching your goals is a feeling deep inside your heart that is really not only blocking you from manifesting your dreams, but hurting your body and poisoning your soul? Continue reading