Get rid of it

When planning a spring cleaning or when moving to a new home, a very difficult thing to do is, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.

Same happens when you want to clean your life or your contacts in your agenda.

Sometimes changing your social environment is the hardest of all.  Leaving a friendship behind is so difficult for some people, they feel bad for the other person and most times we haven’t seen that person in months or even years.

If that person has no interest to contact us, we can remove the “friend” tag from them without remorse. Continue reading

This lesson I learnt today

Many years had passed since the last time I talked to him, but it was such a nice surprise to see him again. His look was as usual strong but more relaxed at the same time. It was difficult to say what the real difference was.

We had share many years in our childhood but our paths took different directions. But now that we had found each other again it was so nice to be able to talk about the good old times and share the new as well.

After sometime of listening to his story and then taking my turn to tell mine, we were so amazed of how different our lives had been and being now sharing this little moment here and now was even more amazing. Continue reading

You are information

One of the most mind blowing theories Quantum physics is juggling right now is the idea that information builds reality.

Of course it is just a theory and it’s just beginning to go through different scientific filters, but the idea is not really new and there are many “big” names in the field behind it, so I am sure we will hear a lot about it in the near future. Continue reading


Travelling means different things for every person. I remember I got very excited when I was a child as holydays approached. I knew we were going to travel somewhere.

Some holidays, we went to visit family and after a while that became a little boring because every occasion we were doing the same things with the same people and going to the same places.  Fortunately my mother decided we needed to see new places and began taking guided tours to different places everywhere. Continue reading


It’s so easy to notice a bad performance in a person who is practicing some discipline in front of us.  From a distance criticising is the easiest thing to do.

We can see many people who after some sport event spend hours talking a about the mistakes which took their team or favourite sportsmen to lose the match. Continue reading

You are still on time

We have acquired our bad habits on the way and we allowed them to stay with us, now they are a part of us and sometimes we don’t like to admit that we allow them to stay.

Maybe you once heard about the benefits of drinking red wine and the adopted the habit of drinking a cup or two of red wine every day.  Later thanks to the studies in the University of Baltimore, they found out that was a myth impulse by the wine industry and many people now are still using it as a good excuse to drink wine often.  Later some other investigators said it was not the resveratrol in the skin of the grapes and the chocolate, what was the miracle substance, but alcohol itself, extending the “benefits” of red wine to all alcoholic beverages. Then many drunkards were really happy to have their ideal pretext. (Search for red wine myth on the internet) Continue reading

Be aware of this common mistake.

I was overhearing a conversation on the street this morning. Two men were talking about being on the 15th day of January and how bad they were doing with their New Year’s resolutions.

One said: -Well, you know how it is, everybody do the same, they decide to go to the gym and by this time they start to start making up excuses to avoid going.  They decide to stop drinking and smoking and at the first party they forget about it and the list goes on, so I don’t feel bad because most of my friends are doing the same.

-Yes, I know, they said that on the radio yesterday, I guess is just the way it is. We all do the same every year so let’s not worry too much about it, answered the other man. Continue reading