You´ll be happier now

When I received my first tricycle when I was around 3 or 4 years old, I thought that was the happiest day of my life. It was green with a white handle. I was the happiest boy on planet Earth.

Then the years passed and when I received my first video game console, I was so happy I couldn’t believe it was really happening, it was amazing and you could actually plug in a keyboard and write basic programs in it. I was the happiest teenager on planet Earth.

Then more years passed loaded with different happy moments when I considered myself the happiest person on planet Earth. And the truth is, right now I am finding even more moments when I am so happy and grateful every day, that I think I am the happiest person on planet Earth. Continue reading

Stop looking for reasons to be unhappy

Lately while I am walking on the street I like listening to a couple of sentences from other people’s conversations, not for gossiping reasons, but because if you put together every sentence| you catch “by passing” you create very funny “dialogues”, I guess I could write a novel with all the sentences I have gathered lately!

But once the fun was over and I began to remember a little more of the conversations I overheard on my commuting, I was shocked to discover that most of the conversations refer to those things that people kept focusing on, and these were mostly things that make them unhappy. Continue reading

A little tweak

I was enjoying the view from the top of a mountain near the Everest. I was sweating and panting despite the cold weather, but the effort to reach that peak was just too much for a city person like me.

It was a rough walk and although I have always enjoyed walking for very long periods of time, climbing this mountain was not an easy task.  It took us a few hours and going through difficult parts and some tough experiences too. But we were finally at the top and enjoying a breath-taking view of the Chomologma “the mother of all mountains” Tibetan name for what we call Mount Everest. Continue reading

I am not there yet

A recurrent question I am asked is if I have finally reached my goal.  If I have everything I wish for and if I am happy with the life I am living now.

The answer is no to all those and similar questions.

Fortunately I haven’t reach every goal I have set.  In fact, I can say that every day I create a new goal to reach, a new mark to overcome, a new level to reach.  I believe that the moment when you stop setting goals and dreaming to reach higher levels, you are already dead. Continue reading