Problem creator


Every day we are exposed to lots of problems, with lots of variants, with lots solutions or decisions in front of us which lead to even more consequences.

Once we decide to deal with one of this “problems” we should find the root of it, and as a friend used to say: “Somebody must take the blame for this, and ain´t gonna be me.”

So, finding someone else to blame is not a difficult task. We usually do it immediately and automatically.

But then, finding a solution gets even more difficult. Linking the possible solution with our problem and expecting the one we blamed to take care of it, makes progress impossible.

But changing that mentality could benefit us immensely. Continue reading

Procrastinating your well-being

“And when I have a new house, then I will be happy” this woman said to her companion in a loud voice as if she wanted the whole world to find out.

“Then I shall know that everything I have done was worth it, all the pain, all the hard work, my suffering.”  The lady who was sitting beside her looked at her in silence.

“Then I’ll be able to smile again and know everything will be alright. “she concluded in a triumphant tone.

The lady who was travelling with her asked her after a few seconds: “how long have you waited for that to happen?”

“Thirty years” the first lady answered. Continue reading

Do not feel bad

We all need to accept the fact that each one of us is responsible for our own results. Good or bad. And that we should not give any one else that power either.

I was talking to a friend of mine who decided to leave her country to live with indigenous communities in the jungle. She goes to different zones in south america to carry food, medicine and teach people in remote towns to read and write. Among other things.

She is very happy doing what she loves but, lately she has been going through a series of bad moments because her mother died recently and she now feels that she was very selfish due to her passion for travel and leaving her mother and family behind. Continue reading


People are nowadays living as fast as they can. It seems like a speed contest to see who the first to reach the highest level of stress is, in the shortest time possible.

They tell us to be passionate about our work, our activities and relationships, passionate about living our life to the fullest. That is brilliant, but I am seeing people who in order to feel they are passionate about their lives are entering a self-centred world of their own.

We do not need to be so radical about our actions.  We can be passionate and at the same time share that passion with others. Continue reading

A safer place

Sometimes life seems so “illogical”, “unexplainable”, “unfair”, etc. The world look as a heinous place to live and everyone around us seem to be “out to get us”.

You try to understand what is going on and why everybody is so “mean” to you, since you are such a nice person!

Sometimes you wonder why the ones you love the most seem to be the ones who hurt you frequently and more deeply. Continue reading

I want to live in this moment (Mental note)

I thought that living in this “reality” was simple and easy to do, but the more I talk to other people the more I realise that it is one of the most difficult things to do nowadays.

When I was a child and I was able to play without the help of any electronic device, I was more in “touch” with my reality since I used what I had in hand to build my toys. A piece of wood could be a ship, a bus, a bed, a seat or anything my mind could imagine. Same for an old box, a blanket, etc.

I used any object in my physical world to “create” a wonderful world in my mind. My mind was creating a world of fantasy for me to live in, but at the same time I was more in “touch” with the reality around me. The moment my mother called me to dinner, I was immediately “present” in my local reality. Continue reading

Believe and tolerate.

One of the main problems Quantum Theory has been facing since its beginnings is that it goes against too many concepts and bases of traditional physics.

The old school of physics is always measuring everything it can, to admit it.  As long as they can measure the phenomena, then it exists. But they have been encountering many events they cannot explain with their traditional baggage of knowledge. So they need to invent work theories to try to find new answers or new paths that lead them to those new answers and then is when things get very complicated. Continue reading

Those were the times…

(Excerpt from the Book “And the Dialogs continue. Vol I”. Published with permission from the Author)  Click here to find out more



I was talking to my mother about the time when she was a little girl and, despite the fact they were not a wealthy family, during the holidays they filled their house with expected and unexpected visitors.  They suddenly opened the door and there they found family members, friends and friends of friends who arrived to spend their holiday season at my mother’s house.


I asked her how they manage to cover the expenses to feed all those people, she just stared at me and after sometime of reflection she just answered: I don’t know, we never worried about it. We were not wealthy but some way things just happened and everybody had a wonderful time.


As guests, they really didn’t help with the expenses and sometimes they even demanded more food or a different menu if they didn’t like what they were served.


-Those were other times, my mother said, we never thought of lack or that food was not sufficient.  It was not in our minds. We just were happy and everything managed alright.


I sat there in silence for a while, and pondered about my own childhood.


I remember how things were less tense in those days, we were able to have more, travel more, and acquire things more easily. I cannot remember anyone complaining about things.


When we had some visitors at home, they never complained about the government, wars, tragedies, unemployment, scandals or anything of the sort.


We usually enjoyed the sharing of family stories, their trips, their experiences, anecdotes that usually left something positive to the listeners.


Yes, those were other times. Other mentality. A different kind of energy on the air.


But I do not think the real problem is the changes in the world around us.


Changes are natural; changes are a necessary part of life’s flow.


The real problem is how we have been conditioned to perceive those changes. How we react to those events that arrive to our lives as individuals as well as members of the human race and as habitants of this wonderful vibrating being we call Earth.


We are so used to enter into a routine in everything we do, that when something different arrives, we feel uncomfortable and reject it immediately.


And that is reflected on everything in our history.  Science was used to see things in a very static way.  When a new idea arrived to replace the former one it was received with scepticism and even mockery.


Even now, in a time when technology is helping us to understand how our universe behaves and with every new discovery we realise we were so wrong in so many concepts and theories, and despite the fact of receiving big amounts of information every day from probes, vehicles and satellites, there is a sector of this scientific community that keep holding on to their past knowledge because they feel the new evidence too threatening to the security of what they considered it was their truth.


And new knowledge that is opposed to what we believe is “the truth” is really frightening, no matter who we are and what we think we know and understand.


I know scientific method must be very strict and follow certain steps before accepting or even considering new theories. But science is made by humans and if we do not allow our minds to drift away a little from what is already established, we will always stay in the same place with no chance to advance.


Even Albert Einstein accepted that many of his discoveries were due to his ability to look beyond what others considered as fixed and immovable.


As J. Allen Hynek mentioned once: “There will be a science of the XXI century as there was a science of the XIX century and there is a science of this XX century”.


And I feel fortunate to know that I am living in this particular time of changes where we are witnessing marvels and wonders never seen before, and what is more important, we are relearning what we knew about ourselves and the universe round us.


People in general are more open to listen and learning new things, and although not everything we hear is true, we have more tools and elements to make our own researches and arrive to our own conclusions.  Find out what works for us and what does not.


We have an excess of information out there, but at the same time we have more ways to form our own mind-set and make changes in our own particular self and therefore in the universe we are here to co-create.


What will I contribute today to my life in order to make this universe a better place?


I think I am going to be happier today, so this happiness will increase the vibration of the people around me and in that way that happiness spreads to others.


What will you do?


And yes those were other times….


But I love being able to change and live today.


Be happy but don’t stop there

I was wondering how would I feel If I had everything I needed right now.

Well you’d feel really happy and satisfied, that would be the obvious answer and yes, I agree, I could feel happy and relaxed, indeed, but would I stop right there?

If you could have everything you wished for right now, would you just stop doing anything else? Would you spend you days laying on a couch watching television and nothing else would matter to you any more? After all, you would have everything you ever wanted. Continue reading