New beginnings

When I received the news, I couldn’t believe it was happening to me.  I had not time to get sick, I had no time to rest, I had no time to waste my time changing my life style.

There should be a quick way to get rid of that illness.

After all, we do everything fast nowadays, we do not have to cook anymore, we eat fast food, we take our clothes to the laundry and pick it up cleaned and ironed, so we don’t have to waste time doing it ourselves, we use a taxi service to take us everywhere so we don’t have to drive anymore, our smartphone will find the shortest and fastest way so we don’t waste a second in the traffic.

We live our life at high speed and we are used to get what we want fast and easy.

The internet answers all our questions and provide us with all the information we need in seconds.

So there is no excuse for an illness to overstay in our bodies. There has to be a pill, a treatment or a method for me to get rid of anything that dares to slows down my everyday’s pace. Continue reading

Healing time

And everywhere I turned my head there were people talking about how difficult this year has been for all.

Changes, radical endings, new beginnings, people leaving, new people appearing, in one word: CHAOS.

But we have learned that Mother Nature does not like chaos.  There is not a Law of Chaos anywhere.

What we call chaos is just something we haven’t fully understood. But if we watch closer we will see that everything follows a certain order. Even, if we cannot see it. There is an order and a purpose in everything. Continue reading

The art of healing

 “The wish for healing has always been half of health.” – Seneca

Nowadays the word “healing” has been taking different meanings, it can refer to physical healing, moral, mental or spiritual alleviation.

The pharmaceutical industry has been presenting an image of physical healing as something you will obtain only by the consumption of chemical medicaments. Religions have given us the image that spiritual and moral healing (“salvation”) is obtained by attending to a place to worship divinity and follow certain rules implemented by humans etc.

It seems we all have our own concept of healing, but have you noticed that there are people who apparently are searching for healing but that are avoiding it at the same time? Continue reading

Do not kill that feeling

I was in my teen years, so the way I felt and saw things was pretty intense. I was going through a difficult existential crisis and couldn’t control my depression.

I was feeling my world had ended and there was not a feasible solution ahead. Suddenly something happened and I had a strange experience, I was watching myself feeling and thinking negative absurd things. It wasn’t like an out-of-body experience, it was all inside my head, it was as if my brain was divided in two and one side was judging the other. Continue reading

Keep walking

I was reading the report of a new research about the benefits of walking, since is one of my favourite activities.  I enjoy taking long walks and I am a convinced defender of the benefits of long promenades. Continue reading

The difference

The little child walked every day the muddy road to go to school and back home.  The people of his village, have been complaining about the mud for a long time since it was very slippery and dangerous to walk, especially for elderly people.

The little boy liked to walk on the mud and feel its cold texture refreshing his feet.  He took his shoes off and walked all that road in bare feet so he could experience the cold mud filling his whole body with a special energy only he could feel. Continue reading

Make it disappear

I have been listening a lot lately about patients who have been able to heal from serious illnesses. I know we all hear this kind of stories everywhere and probably many of them might be fake, just publicity for scam products and methods, but I attest to a couple of cases of people who were diagnosed with serious illnesses and after some time they got rid of them.

We are constantly bombarded with ads on the media of new medicines to treat new and old illnesses and if we pay attention to the small letters at the end of the ad, the secondary effects could be very serious and sometimes could bring even worst ailments to the patient. Continue reading

Feeling for healing

In the old times expressing your emotions was some kind of taboo in most occidental societies. Especially for men, to show what your heart felt was considered as a lack of self-control and a sign of weakness.

“Men don’t cry” dictates the old saying and that brought actually more harm than benefits to the health of many men throughout history.

There are some cultures, even now, where having a cold and serious attitude is considered as good manners. Continue reading

Distant healing

When a friend of mine who is a well-known physicist was talking during a lecture about “Quantum entanglement” in Quantum physics, I asked him if distant healing could be an example of that principle and he agreed.

First of all, Quantum entanglement (in very simple words) is about an instantaneous link between particles that remains strong, secure, and undiluted no matter how far apart the particles may be – even if they’re on opposite sides of the universe. The same way as twins who, even if they are oceans apart, they sense when one of them is in danger or going through a difficult situation. This is a very interesting subject and I encourage you to do a deeper research, I know you will find it worth your time. Continue reading