Your limits?

I was visiting Rick and he was very concerned about his future.

His grandfather was a doctor, his father was a doctor and, yes you guessed it, he became a doctor as well.

He had been surrounded by doctors of all kinds all his life. He attended reunions and parties where most people were doctors, his whole world was full of doctors here and doctors there.

That was on one side very good, because that influence had made him a very good doctor, very open to all kind of medicines, not only allopathy. But on the other side it was a terrible thing as well, because he had assumed all his life his role as a doctor.  He could not conceive the idea of doing anything else. Continue reading


The external

We constantly talk about our old negative ideas, beliefs and hidden concepts in our mind that keep us sunk in our depression and lack of success.

But we cannot forget that we are inhabitants of a physical universe and that there are external factors as well.

Yes, we create our reality with our feelings and thoughts. Yes, we are responsible for the things that we create and attract to our personal reality and yes, there are other people in this local reality creating and attracting their own things as well, so we are not alone and yes, we are attracting and creating those external factors as well.

Let´s imagine you are an enthusiast of motorcycles. Then you get one or more motorcycles and then attract other people who are passionate about them as well.  Then your “inner circle” could be formed by people who share your hobbies and passions. Continue reading


One of the most wonderful events you might have in your life is to experience creation.

It’s really unbelievable what you can achieve when you open yourself to the creative process. If only we knew all the beauty we are capable of creating, if only we allowed ourselves to release our minds, our limiting beliefs and we just gave ourselves the opportunity to try something new from time to time.

Then we would be admired of our “hidden talents”.  I have friends who just, out of curiosity have tried some activity that they even considered boring or senseless, and when “nobody was watching them” they just took the chance to try painting, writing, sculpting, horse riding, mountain climbing (and the list goes on endlessly), they were immediately captivated by the magic of that activity and discovered they were quite good at it. Continue reading