One of my friends is very small, or like she likes to say. “petite”. Her legs are short and she doesn’t walk very fast. So she was not used to walk long distances.

I am just the opposite, I have got long legs and walk extremely fast.

She looks everything from her perspective, obviously, so when I told her about my long walks, she couldn’t believe me, to her those distances are extreme. To me are normal. Continue reading

Square one

Most people of a certain age I know like to see their life backwards. That is, they like to see all the things they have accomplished during their lives. How things were tough once and they were able to overcome the obstacles and fight to get what they wanted.  But 95% of them when I ask them if they would go through all of that from square one, they answer: NO!

So most of them have lived a life full of difficulties and have learnt to overcome them and they are now in a privileged place because they passed their tests. Nevertheless they don’t like the idea of starting all over again.

They feel they have reached the goal and now they can just rest and live looking at the past for the rest of their lives. Continue reading


Once we begin to watch our thoughts, change our bad habits, try to be positive and be as happy as we can most of the time, we would think that everything would be just fine and the world would be perfect in every aspect of our life, but Alas! That is not so.

What am I doing wrong?

Nothing, you are not doing anything wrong.

It is just a normal step in the ladder; we all pass that stage too.

Once we start to dig in our inner self, we find old fears hidden there and suddenly they emerge from the deep corners of our soul presenting a horrifying aspect. Continue reading


Do you really want to know everything?

Have you ever wonder what it would be to listen to the thoughts of everyone around you?

Sounds interesting but I think you would faint after only 1 minute or so.  To be “aware” of everything around you at the same time is just Too Much information for our brain to process.  It would be a hard blow for our head and we would collapse in a few minutes.

But luckily our brain already knows that and it just “separates” the info we receive and let us “acknowledge” just a few bits of the whole “everything” that surrounds us all the time. Continue reading