Your mental image


They say that we should be clear where are we heading to, in order to get to the place, we wish to reach. And that is true.

I am sure, most of the time you leave your home with a destination in your mind. When you take the underground, a cab or get into your car, you have a definite end point in your mind. Otherwise you will make you and other people mad very easily. Especially cab drivers, they like to know where they will take you to, instead of driving around like lost ants.

In life, it is considered a good practice to have goals to accomplish, places to go and people to love. And that is good as well.

The real problem comes when you have a “fixed mental image” of how things should happen. Continue reading

Because of you…


She was a very strong and courageous woman.

She had a very difficult life and she had to learn to be tough in order to survive in a world made by men. In the world outside, she had to keep a rough and strong image.

Despite all the harsh situations she had to face, her loving and kind nature was kept very deep into her soul.

She had a big heart and her compassion was evident when she helped other people in need, whether they were a friend or a perfect stranger, to her they all deserved compassion. Continue reading


A good friend of mine was born with a strange condition that affected his body. He was very tall and his head and hands were bigger in proportion to the rest of his body.

He had suffered very much during his childhood because the other children mocked him and called him names that hurt his soul deeply.

He had to get used to the way people stared at him on the street and to the impertinent questions of those with no manners whatsoever, who never touched their hearts before making harsh remarks about his looks.

Anyway, he has got a wonderful personality.  He is very kind and compassionate with every living being.  He pursued a career in acting and due to his image, he got important roles in international movies. Continue reading


I have noticed that the worst disappointments in my life have been caused by what I expected things and people to be, instead of allowing them just be what they really were.

Learning to let things, people and circumstances to be what they really are hasn’t been easy at all.  And I am not talking about doing something to change the bad things around my life, but to give a person, a situation or a thing a tag that does not belong to them. Continue reading

My Image

I was listening in silence as she was speaking about herself.

She was saying how wonderful she was, how patient, good friend, understanding and helpful she was to everybody. How people love her and they all like her so much. Don´t get me wrong, she is a good person but for some reason she has a different concept of what others think about her. Continue reading


One thing you will often hear, even if you request it or not, is the opinion of the others about what you are doing or not doing right now.

Usually we are programmed to give an answer to a comment, even if it is not required from us.  We feel that if we don’t give an answer, even just an “a-ha” kind of answer, the other person will think we are not paying attention to what they are saying.

And that is not the only problem, but to take heed of the opinion of others and take it personally. Continue reading

If they don’t believe you, you might be doing things right!

When I was younger I was very impulsive and sometimes rather aggressive with other people. I talked back; I criticised and was very harsh in my comments about other people.

Life teaches you to be more comprehensive and less intolerant with the others.

The process might be slow but finally you make inner changes and you become a new person. You have evolved a little and your perspective and attitude is different. Well done! Continue reading