Not that far away…

When I have these dialogues with my inner self, I tend to “justify” many of the mistakes my subconscious mind points out to me. But as I cannot fool myself so easily, very often I end up “burnt and crashed” but a little bit wiser and stronger.

Sometimes I kept dreaming on things that seemed so “impossible” or too “far away” from me to reach them but that “impossibility” or “distance” made my mind doubt I could ever reach them. I am sure you have been there as well. We all have.

So when I begin to feel that way now what I usually do is rewind my memory tape and push play again so I can see how things “seemed” in the past and how now I am enjoying what in those times looked so far away from my reach and/or impossible to obtain at that time.

There is nothing more frustrating than entertaining the feeling of impossibility to reach a dream. Continue reading

The equation

One thing I liked of mathematics when I was a little child, was that they were very precise.  2+2=4. That’s it. Straight to the point!

But then when math becomes more complicated things might change.

Do not worry I will not talk about math today, I am just sharing with you about an epiphany I had the other night, so do not expect a Math treaty here, promise! Continue reading

Grow your mind-set

I was new at that programming job, I was young and it was my first work in a very impressive environment. Everyone was much older than I and with all the experience of the world, being the elite of engineers and experts in many fields.  It was overwhelming for me.

One day they asked me to do a program to do some satellite tracking routines and I had no idea how to do something like that.  Continue reading

Over thinking

We have always heard advices about thinking well before taking decisions in order to avoid painful mistakes.  But how long is too long?

We need to analyse circumstances and events everyday, we need to assess carefully the consequences of our actions, but do you know what happens when we overdo our analysis? Continue reading

Warming up

I was waiting for him to finish  his phone call, he was as usual, very busy and the phone didn’t stop ringing, so I was beginning to lose hope to be able to even say hello to him.  The phone rang once more and someone on the other end ask him for a big amount of money to buy a property, he just repeated the amount and wrote it on a notebook.  He finally hung up and I told him that was a big amount for a property, just to start the conversation and yes, I was being nosey too. Continue reading


Few years ago in New York some scientists made a very interesting experiment. They asked kindergarten children to describe the biggest number they could imagine. And since they didn’t have a lot of experience with numbers most of them said the biggest number was one hundred.

They couldn’t conceive a higher number than that. When they were asked how many grains of sand there were in a beach, they all answered: 100.  When they were asked how many stars there were in the universe, they all answered: 100. But in some way, inside their little minds they had a very important concept very clear. No matter what they were asked, they all understood that everything had a finite number. Continue reading