I was very impressed when I listened a professor once who was explaining how our mind was not capable to understand the infinite. “Our mind is finite, therefore it cannot understand the concept of infinite”. He explained.

When they say there is a probability that “the universe was never created and it will never end” our mind immediately enters in conflict, because “eternity” is not an easy concept to grasp. Continue reading



Few years ago in New York some scientists made a very interesting experiment. They asked kindergarten children to describe the biggest number they could imagine. And since they didn’t have a lot of experience with numbers most of them said the biggest number was one hundred.

They couldn’t conceive a higher number than that. When they were asked how many grains of sand there were in a beach, they all answered: 100.  When they were asked how many stars there were in the universe, they all answered: 100. But in some way, inside their little minds they had a very important concept very clear. No matter what they were asked, they all understood that everything had a finite number. Continue reading