We have talked about the importance of giving our attention to the positive things in our life. The consequences of paying much attention to the bad events in the world around us, and our responsibility as co-creators of this reality.

But remember that attention must be accompanied by intention as well; otherwise it will lack a very important ingredient.  Both elements will give power to our thoughts and desires.

Intention will give a defined purpose to our visualisations and will accelerate the results.

That charged attention will inject power to whatever is directed to, and remember that as soon as you direct that attention to a different subject that energy is shifted to the new target and disappears from the former. So try not to shift to a negative thought in order to maintain the same frequency and even increase its power. Continue reading

At your own pace

Have you ever fell down or felt sad or depressed after a difficult event and a close friend or family member slaps your back and asked to cheer up or just said: “Come on, get over it, just be happy”?

Then they recommended you a good book or a “guided meditation” so you could “get out of the hole” faster?

Of course you are trying to understand what happened, you are trying to heal your wounds and of course you wish you could go above to situation and feel good once more, but you have your own rhythm to do it, right?

I am not saying they are bad, insensitive, cold people, they surely love you and want you to be al right and on your feet once more very soon.  They do not understand your inner needs and situation, so it is important for you to learn and defend your right to heal at your own speed. Continue reading

Just here

I must admit that being focused on this present moment is not as easy as I thought.

My mind is wandering more than ever and trying to keep it in this local reality is costing me an extra effort today.

Too many things are trying to keep me from “being here” and that is so interesting to observe, because I am trying to ask myself why, something apparently so simple, is so complicated today.

Probably paying so much attention to my thoughts today is making the task more difficult or, struggling to keep my mind relaxed is what is causing the opposite effect. But nevertheless it is so fascinating to observe this process from the inside. Continue reading

The thin line (Rambling)

One of the hardest things for me is trying to identify the difference between a “forced” situation and a “natural” one.

And now I know I am not alone there, because that is one of the most frequent questions I get asked all the time.

When I am trying to “force” an event, an action, a response to something that suddenly appears in my path.  I have learnt to “measure” my direction depending on the “roughness” of the road.  That is, when you are finding too many “rocks” on your path, that could be a signal that you are transiting the wrong road. Continue reading


I always thought I had mastered my favourite subject (mathematics) since I had graduated and received a title as an engineer. When I was at school, I always entertained the idea that once you finish your career you know everything you need to work on your profession and then you can proceed to the next step. Whatever a next step is.

I thought I had “made it” and I shouldn’t worry about “looking back” to review what I supposedly knew so well. But I was surprised when I tried to enrol in an advanced quantum mechanics class, they asked me to take an online test to see my “level”, since this class was only for “advanced students”. And they expected us to have a certain level in order to deal with the concepts without having to “explain the basics” to the no initiated.  Continue reading


We can find different opinions about strikes and social movements nowadays.

One day you are driving trying to avoid the usual and terrible transit typical of big cities when suddenly you take a turn and find a street blocked by a group of workers who are demanding a solution to their problems.  Then you are forced to change your route and so is everyone else on the street, therefore the transit issues are immediately amplified altering our activities in more ways than one. Continue reading

Make it disappear

I have been listening a lot lately about patients who have been able to heal from serious illnesses. I know we all hear this kind of stories everywhere and probably many of them might be fake, just publicity for scam products and methods, but I attest to a couple of cases of people who were diagnosed with serious illnesses and after some time they got rid of them.

We are constantly bombarded with ads on the media of new medicines to treat new and old illnesses and if we pay attention to the small letters at the end of the ad, the secondary effects could be very serious and sometimes could bring even worst ailments to the patient. Continue reading

I have failed

Yes, I admit that I have failed in the past, I am failing now and I certainly will fail again in the future. I have never said I am a flawless being and I´ll never pretend to be one.

Actually I am glad I have failed many times for I am now a more experienced person and I prefer to admit my failures and remember the lessons learned than boast only my achievements.

I know many people want me to live in guilt for my mistakes, but I won’t do that either, I have forgiven myself and I am terribly sorry for hurting the people I have affected in the past and I might be affecting in the present, but the only way I am going to get over this situation is to start everyday anew. Continue reading


We all have heard the old saying “fake it until you make it”.

I am sure you have heard about the law of attraction that has been a very popular trend in the media all over the world.

The principles are simple, what you keep in your mind constantly and with a strong emotional charge, after some period of time, is created in your physical reality.  That would explain why many times we attract into our lives those things we fear the most and is not only limited to physical things, this extend to people, circumstances, illnesses, good and bad events and so on and so forth. Continue reading