It is your fault!

“You cannot blame me for that! My job is not inspire you or motivate you to do anything, that is your decision, I just give you the elements in a neutral way, you decide how to interpret them and what to do with them” Said angrily a voice in my head.

“But you made me feel sad with the images you were showing me!” My conscious mind answered defensively. Continue reading


Trust what´s coming

When you are searching something on line, you usually type in the word or words related to the subject you need to find info about, you usually press the key “return” or “enter” or “send” , depending the device you are using and, you just wait for the list of results to appear.

Usually this happens in a matter of seconds, depending on the speed of your connection to Internet.  If you connection is not very fast and/or the search engine is too busy at that moment, you just wait. You don’t keep pressing the “return” key many times to “accelerate” the search. You “understand” that sometimes the Internet gets slow for several reasons, it’s annoying but you know it happens often.” Continue reading


In a time when technology is winning the race and your mobile phone has become an extension of your being. It is every day more difficult to be present in our “here and now.”

I was walking on the street enjoying the Sun when suddenly I saw a friend coming towards me, I was preparing to greeting him cheerfully and, when he was two steps from me I greeted him by his name, but as he had his mobile phone on his hand he just passed in front of me without answering my greeting. Continue reading