In the last few years, I have seen among friends and colleagues a tendency (yes, me included of course), to feel that if you are not busy all the time, you are wasting your time.

This phenomenon is more common in big cities. We are getting used to be stressed all the time. And if you find yourself, in a certain moment, relaxed and calmed, then a feeling of guilt takes over your heart.

Nowadays, it seems unforgivable to be relaxed and happy, it is generally taken as an act of “laziness”, “idleness” or a” waste of your life”.

Believe it or not, many people are living that way. All the time. Continue reading


Why do bad things have to exist? If God is so “good” as they say, then why he allows the bad and the ugly to exist?

These are common questions we all hear all the time.

And have you ever imagined a world without opposites?

It could not exist at all actually.

We need a point of comparison to be able to “measure” things. How would you know if something is cold if there was not hot? Silly example I know I am just trying to make my point here. Continue reading

Wrong Mode?

“The TV is not working again”

“What is wrong with it? I asked my mother.

“There is no image, I tune channel 3 and still no image!” she replied annoyed.

“Mmmh mum, this new set no longer needs to work on channel 3, now they have a special mode for different inputs”, I said with a calmed voice.

“Why do they have to do everything so complicated? So now what am I supposed to do to watch TV?” Her voice was getting louder…. So I proceeded with caution. This was dangerous territory. Continue reading

Release it!

When we are feeling the lack of something (money, love, happiness, purpose, etc.) we begin to cling to that we are feeling missing in our life.

That clinging will tell our subconscious mind we have fear of not having more of what we are lacking at that moment.

For example, if we don’t have enough money and we found or receive a little money, instead of being grateful and buy some food or something we need at that particular moment we tend to “attach” to that money since we are fearful of not getting more and return to red numbers. So we start thinking how to spend that money in the best way but then we limit ourselves in every option we found. That is just a bad sign for our subconscious mind since we are telling ourselves we don’t have enough and we won’t have never enough. Continue reading


I was tired of listening to good intentioned people telling me to “keep the faith”, “to keep going”, and so on. If that would be so easy to do then I would have done it. It’s so easy to give advice when you are not in the situation, I thought.

I was living in London and finding a job was a difficult thing to do, I was jobless, living with friends and penniless, so I thought I had the right to be angry and complain all the time.

It was a cold winter morning when I had the epiphany. I was walking near Tower bridge feeling desperate when an old man approached me to ask me for some money to help the homeless people to have a decent meal that day.  There were several homeless people collecting money to buy some food for their mates at the shelter. Continue reading