Dead skin


I just found the skin of a snake, well what was left of it. It was like a transparent hose still showing the patterns of its scales. It was difficult to believe it was once the actual skin of one of those brown snakes. When you look at them, their skins look so shiny and firm. This skin look so fragile and dry now. It was death skin.

I guess the snake didn’t make a big fuss and drama for leaving that skin behind. She just got rid of that death cover and let it go without looking back to see if it there is still some part of it that could be reused.

I observed the same with most trees in autumn.  They begin to show beautiful green leaves in spring and as soon as the summer is over they begin to drop the brown, yellow and red leaves, (also beautiful, but dead). Continue reading

The green leaves

We don’t really need to go very far or spend a lot of money to learn big lessons, observing nature is one of the most fulfilling and inexpensive ways to learn from life itself.

A little palm tree was all brown and sad since they have put it in a park where I often take long walks. It was a sad view.  But Don Carlos Hernandez, the man in charge of the park told me that plants are like human beings, they sometimes like the location we choose for them and other times they don’t. Continue reading