Dead skin


I just found the skin of a snake, well what was left of it. It was like a transparent hose still showing the patterns of its scales. It was difficult to believe it was once the actual skin of one of those brown snakes. When you look at them, their skins look so shiny and firm. This skin look so fragile and dry now. It was death skin.

I guess the snake didn’t make a big fuss and drama for leaving that skin behind. She just got rid of that death cover and let it go without looking back to see if it there is still some part of it that could be reused.

I observed the same with most trees in autumn.  They begin to show beautiful green leaves in spring and as soon as the summer is over they begin to drop the brown, yellow and red leaves, (also beautiful, but dead). Continue reading


I think one of the hardest exercises for our belief system is when we have to let go of our need to have control of every situation in our life and allow our heart to trust that things will be alright.

You know what I mean, things begin to get nasty, then you worry and get angry, then your mental vibration begins to create more “problems” and uncomfortable situations and then you get more of those, then you get more worried and more angry and the cycle repeats, only this time things are darker than before. Continue reading

Open to receive

She was asking for some help to feed her baby, some spare coins in order to buy food and milk for a tiny beautiful baby she was carrying along with a bag full of old clothes, newspapers for these cold nights, an old broken umbrella and others things I couldn’t see very well, she carried many other plastic bags in her hands so it was very difficult for her to move around with baby and bags everywhere.

You could say she was recently living in the street, she didn’t look like the typical homeless person since her clothes were still in a certain good shape, she was very young and looked very frightened.   Probably was a typical case of teenage pregnancy where they decide to run away from home or even their parents kick them out.  I don’t know I am just speculating. Continue reading

The bliss of letting go

One of the most difficult things we have to face in our lives is losing something or someone.

We all feel safe and happy when we are living a life according to the standards stablished by our society, family or friends.

When we have a home, a job, a relationship, good health and the things we have been taught as essential for  “a normal and stable life”, then we feel we are safe and secured. Continue reading