Your deeds

I used to think that trophies and medals, awards and acknowledgements were a sign of success. And maybe in most cases this is so, but I was shocked to learn how easy is nowadays to buy or get one when you have enough cash in your wallet or you know the “right” people.

I do not usually accept those things because I feel I haven´t really earn them yet. I know so many people with years of experience, hard work, perseverance and especially great results to show and, most times, they are ignored. Continue reading


For some reason we believe we can get away with lying, not only to others, but to ourselves.

There are thousands of “reasons” to tell a lie.  There are many classifications for lies as well: “white lies”, “broken promises”, “lies to justify ourselves and/or others, “exaggeration” even “necessary lies” and so on. Continue reading

The rubbish bin

I was searching for a waste container to put some boxes I had in my hand yesterday. Not an easy task by the way, authorities asks us not to drop litter in the street but they do not put rubbish bins so we can comply.  Well the thing is that when I finally found a waste deposit I could see how people had brought all kinds of things and dumped them there.

That made me think that we all have too much mental waste in our heads and sometimes we dump it in the less appropriate place: in the mind of other people. Continue reading